Sales Promotion [MehiArt Eyes] Urethane eyes in woman's day promotion

Mar 8, 2018

    1. On the occasion of women's day we have a surprise for you! 2for1 is a well-known and popular promotion in our store. As you asked about it is today!

      The promotion is only today 08/03/2018 (in the women's day)! All women's dolls definitely deserve the most beautiful eyes! :) Today, on the occasion of Woman's Day, you can have two pairs of eyes for the price of one!
      Just when ordering in the comment to order enter the "Woman'sDay" and we will send you the second pair in the same size absolutely free :)
      Also to each order will be add small, feminine gift for the buyer :)

      see You on etsy! :)
      Candy Shop by MehiArt by CandyWorld
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    2. Hi, the eyes are really pretty - just wanted to ask if the eyes can be different colors? Like 2 different pairs of 12mm ones?
    3. Hello :) Yes can be :)
    4. Do I add both to both to my cart or do I put the link to the free pair in the comments? Sorry to bother...
    5. In comment You add "Woman'sDay" only. We choose the extra pair as a surprise gift:)
    6. Okay :) Just checked out now!!!!