Update [MehiArt] New EyeHolder for urethane eyes

Sep 7, 2019

    1. I present to you my new product
      Most of us have a lot of doll eyes. And most of us keep those eyes deep in the drawer. But why? They are to please our eyes! It's time to show them, it's time to show them off
      Here is the first EyeHolder Now, you can display your favorite eyes that are not sitting in the doll in the form of art Just put them inside and hang them on the wall in your favorite place! They will enjoy our eyes even if we currently don't have place for them in dolls
      This model fits with 16mm and 14mm eyes. You can exchange eyes in your "picture" whenever you want :)
      On etsy soon

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      See You on etsy! :)

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    2. On etsy already :)
      What would You like see more in this project? Any suggestions?? :)