Sales Promotion [MehiArt] Two pairs of eye for one :)

Feb 28, 2017

    1. Hello dear friends!
      The end of the month and the beginning of March :) and so special for you I prepared a surprise.
      On 28.02-04.03.2017 everyone who purchase one pair of eyes at my shop on etsy, the second, surprise pair gets for free (in the same size) :)
      Just in the order form please write DOA :)

      See you on etsy!
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    2. Do custom orders count?
    3. Yes :)
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    4. Do you also sell acrylic eyes?
    5. Will the surprise pair be only out of those listed on your etsy? or will it be something not on sale in your store?
    6. No, i dont sell acrylic eyes.
      Surprise pair will be from my private collection not showing in the internet ;)