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Melancholy Sculpts

Aug 13, 2017

    1. Hello all! :)
      Is it just me or do you love those sad/melancholy/hurt or mischievous looking dolls-- I just think they're so cute!! :whee: Faces like DollZone's Benjamin are my favorite :aheartbea they're so precious I love them <3 The ones that almost evoke pity-- is that weird? Am I the only one? :XD: Are there doll companies out there who specialize in sweethearts like that?
      Thank you!! :chibi
      #1 stormi, Aug 13, 2017
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    2. It's really not my thing, I prefer dolls that look happy; but each to their own.

      I have to post the obvious one though, RingDoll Mona
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    3. Aw lol I was thinking of her when I was posting this but she just straight-up makes me sad :( lol idk why her specifically but I guess I just prefer sculpts that look meloncholy instead of actual crying dolls :aheartbea I appreciate that though! Thank you! :aangel:
    4. The first sculpt that came to mind for me was Foveo Gella. She's a 1/4th doll had made by a Korean artist. She'll soon have a 1/3 version.
      Here's her link when she was sold.
    5. Wow she's beautiful!! <3 aww what a sweet face!! Thank you so much I will definitely be waiting for an update about the 1/3 size! She's so cute!! :D
    6. Ah I'm glad you like her! She is really cute and I have know a couple friends that have her. You can check Foveos FB page for updates on her. I believe she goes on sale soon!
    7. Oh thank you for that link!! Aww I love the other dolls too they all have a sense of calm <3 I appreciate the introduction to this company! :)
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    8. I really love those kind of sad/melancholic sculpts, if you know how to pose them and a little of photo edition you can make the most beautiful photos
    9. I've recently fallen in love with Souldoll's YeonSoo ;w; She has such a lovely face with a hint of melancholy in it.. I can't help but love the more sad looking dolls, I can feel more of a connection towards them <3
    10. Normally I prefer a doll with a more neutral expression because too smiley or too sad-looking can make them look a bit too weird and uncanny-valley to me. But that being said, there are a few "melancholy" looking dolls I love the look of. First of all Muriel by SupiaDoll is so lovely. I feel like there's a kind of fire and longing in her eyes, like she's asking for help, or wishing away her bad circumstances...
      I adore her, but her cupid's bow area between her nose and mouth looks a little weird to me... it's not so obvious in this picture, but especially on a darker skin tone, it's a very deep valley and looks very "off". Other than that, she's pretty...

      I also think Abadon by LUTS has a certain wistfulness about him too. He looks kind of upset and troubled by something, yet he's one of the few boy sculpts that has really jumped out at me. Despite all his woes, he's still charming I guess.

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    11. @stormi I'm glad you found them too! I hope you enjoy her if you do get her! :)
    12. You already mentioned Dollzone, but I thought of DZ Ivan when I read your post. He definitely has that sad kind of quality, I just wanna take him home and wrap him in a happy blanket. (Which I actually plan to do! Hehe~)
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    13. Very true!! :D ah they're so sweet <3

      Ahh she's gorgeous!! <3 wow I love her facial expression, it looks like there is a story behind her eyes :aheartbea yes I feel such a connection to meloncholy dolls :chibi I love them <3

      Haha you're right about some of the dolls having uncanny valley lol but wow!! :D Muriel is so... just wow!! She's so beautiful!! You're right there's that longing in her eyes I love it!!! :love Aww the boy is a sweetie too, he's so concerned <3

      Yay!!! :D

      Hahaha awww I LOVE Ivan!!! :D aw what a cutie I love DZ and their sweet little "wounded" sculpts <3 ah they're so cute you're right I want to wrap them up in a little happy blanket!!! :D that's the perfect way to describe it xD
      #13 stormi, Aug 13, 2017
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    14. I think Switch has pretty much almost exclusively this. My favorite is Uhui:R even though I just recently sold mine. I realized lately that my taste in face sculpt has gradually changed so he had to go to a better owner.

      Also Volks Kohya/Tohya with the right face-up.
      #14 Ebisama, Aug 13, 2017
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    15. Ah such cuties!! :D yeah the faceup has to do a lot with the look I love it! Thank you for introducing me to those sweethearts! :)
    16. Fairyland's Mirwen sculpt is very melancholy. I have her as a Minifee and she's quite lovely!
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    17. Little Monica's Lariat is a sad, sweet little thing. You just want to give her a cookie.
    18. Awww she so cute!! Ah I love her magic school uniform :D

      Oh cute!! Aw I love those tired little eyes with those gorgeous big lips :D
      #18 stormi, Aug 13, 2017
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    19. In the Little Monica vein I love Little Jeremy. He looks so happy/sad, like he's smiling though his heart is aching...it's his tareme eyes, they just melt my heart. And because I'm a Bory addict (LUTS) I think the Bory sculpt is very pensive and a little melancholy. Depending on the faceup, he can look so sweet and distant, but he's being stoic.
    20. The first BJD I fell hopelessly in love with was DT's Seola, who's about as melancholy as melancholy gets. She seemed so unusual to me, because I was accustomed to smiley happy dolls. Depending on the photo, she can look thoughtful or just sad.

      [​IMG]ADAD - &quot;Imperfect&quot; by Beth Simmons, on Flickr
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