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Memories Episode 1 - Picture, BIG one !!

Dec 25, 2004

    1. Merry Christmas Everyone !
      Santa was good to me, and I got the Memories Episode 1 book, and it is, in a word, FANTASTIC !

      The photos are simply amazing, all in full colour.
      The set ups, props and clothing are just too fun. There is a mix of clothing styles, from Edwardian, country, corporate, to rocker !
      I really wish some of the accessories were readily available, such as a set of headphones on DJ Shiwoo.
      There is once particular photo of Lishe and Soo having a pillow fight, too cute ! :D

      Some Soul Dolls make an appearance too, Chiwoo and Shiwoo as well. There is only ONE picture of El, and it is from behind. There are some great group shots, with both CP and Soul dolls.
      Only 2 of the pictures seem photoshopped, both to hide joins.

      I have scanned in the black and white thumbnails from the back of the book, which lists all the dolls they use in each photo, in English.
      They aren't entirely accurate, as many of the photos are double pages spreads, so they zoom in a little, but this gives you an idea of the photos.

      There are 6 pattern pages included, as seperate sheets, so you don't have to bend the book ! There are pants, business shirt, t-shirt, 2 coloured dress, tailored jacket and matching skirt.

      This is a wonderful book, and a MUST HAVE, for any CP and Soul doll fan. My only recommendation would be to order it when getting other items, as the postage is high for the book by itself.
      Happy Dollfiedays !!
      ~ Jay
    2. Lishe gets a million different pictures but El only gets a shot from behind? O_O

      I suppose they are nice pictures though, but I'm not really interested in buying it.
    3. :o Only ONE picture of El!! and from behind!!
      This is too cruel!!
      I love El and interest to buy a book but when it is only 1 El picture,so I have to think over.
    4. Just a question: Are those Souldoll dolls as well??? Why would they be in there? :?

    5. Yes they are. The book wasn't done to feature CP dolls exclusively, rather a feature of a variety of dolls.
    6. Okay thanks!!! :grin:

    7. Well, he DOES have a nice arse ;P
    8. I got this book too for christmas, its fantastic! Lots of gorgeous pics and dolls and fashions and patterns and and....:) Love it!
    9. where??? WHERE??? i cant find it..... :| *pouts* i wanna see the pic of his nice arse...hehehe
    10. Sorry, no El bot bots in the book, see if you can even see him in the thumbnails :).

      OK, he's hidden in the last photo, behind "Rocker" Lishe in the fur !
      ~ Jay
    11. Is it a Souldoll + Luts photoalbum or does they have another brand too?
    12. This book was a joint production with sponsors, for dolls, outfits and furniture.
      CP dolls featured:- Soo, Shiwoo, Chiwoo, Lishe and El.
      Soul Dolls:- Myosung, Ryun, Lune and Gunun.

      ~ Jay