Preorder [Meow BJD] June New products!

Jun 15, 2019

    1. Hi~Today we are going to announce couple of new products here <3
      Click Blue heading ~ It is a portal to our product page~
      Nemurumori - Ice Cream Cutie

      Summer~Ice cream is the best thing ever :D
      Nemurumori - Ice Cream bunny

      Here is the super limited outfit after the event~
      Only 1 set in each color! If you like come to get it now!

      and here from the Mini <3 Not much left! Hurry up! Come to reserve yours!
      Thank you for all the support and love! We will be releasing 20 mystery bags to show our gratitude. The mystery bag will contains one wig with random style and color.
      Wig size comes with either 1/3, 1/4, and 1/6. The purchase are limited to two packs per account, address and person.

      Luna wig mystery bag

      This time Cloud release Mori style for MSD and Yosd <3
      Adorable pom-poms set
      There are cute color in Green, Pink, and Green
      Fuwa Fuwa (soft like Marshmallows) so cute <3
      (Fuwa Fuwa means fluffy fluffy in Japanese)
      Product includes:
      Jacket X1
      Double layers top X1
      Double layers pumpkin pants X1
      Bear pin X1
      Lace ribbon X1

      Please chose:
      Hair clip (for boy) X1
      Lace Hairband (for Girl) X1
      Total 6 pieces

      There are a lot more products in Meow BJD !!
      Please follow us on FB or IG ^^

      Thank you for reading!
      Have wonderful summer!
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