Preorder [Meow BJD] New products~

Sep 13, 2018

    1. Hi,~here is Meow BJD
      We have lots new products and shops added into our website~
      All products are preorder~
      Please see what we have!
      Preorder time 9/5~9/30

      [Hua Shi Yun]
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Backpack - The wild
      The 4 in one bag!
      Fashion T shirt

      [Cloud] My sweet Mori girl

      [::HoneyComb::] My Monster boyfriend
      Jiāng shī

      We also have lots of products ^^
      welcome to see~~~
      Please before you view our products, login to view them~
      Site Link

      You can also find us on Facebook
      Any questions, please email me or message me at FB
      Thank you^^
      wish you have a nice day~
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    2. Does the Monster Boyfriend Jiang Shi outfit come with the black bucket hat? It's not shown by itself in the product pictures.
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    3. Hi~
      Hat does not come with the set~
      It is additional purchasing~~but....looks like the hat is already sold out ;/

      Thank you for asking!

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    4. @kailing21484 Thank you for the reply! A shame that the hat's separate and sold out, I think it really makes the outfit. :(
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    5. How does payment work? Ordered two days ago - there was no link to Paypal, but no invoice either.

      EDIT: Never mind, got an invoice now!
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