Mephisto.Pheles Horns

Nov 2, 2016

    1. I'm relatively new to the hobby and one of the first dolls that I found striking was Doll Chateau's Mephisto.Pheles. Mostly, I was drawn the the giant segmented horns... I am curious to know if these horns can be modified to fit on another doll's head?

      The images that are on Doll Chateau's page show the horns also serving as what looks like the back of Mephisto's head; The horns are secured on with the elastic in the horns wrapping around S hook in the neck/head.

      I wasn't able to find anything in the forums (if there is a more appropriate place for this question or the answer exists already I would love to be redirected there!) I would appreciate any advise.

      Many thanks in advance :)
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    2. somehow I missed that whole horns as back of head without head cap part and just have my doll looking down all the time while wearing the horns at a hat. lol. I don't see why you can't place them on another head as long as the size is similar and it's head cap and not face plate system? anyway those horns are definitely sickest! :D
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    3. YES! is this possible?? I've only been looking at the pictures online and wasn't sure what it would be in person. What kind of head do you have the horns on? Do you have any pictures by any chance? Thank you for the quick response :)
    4. I bought the horns separately for Cyril, so it's still an adult male DC head. they came strung with the elastic in the way of the head back, so as a hat it didn't work too well. Cyril's head had to point down to keep hat up. I was going to see if I could restring them separately without the connection in the middle and maybe with sueding to make the horns more posable. now i see the middle elastic has a purpose. but still probably simpler to just restring - i'd very likely lose the head cap otherwise. :P just packed up a bunch of stuff for studio move, so I'm not sure where anything is and can't take pics for you - not soon anyway - very sorry. :( but definitely, they could be used on other dolls.
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      Yeah, thinking that will probably make the best sense. Good to know at least that they might be able to sit on top of a similar sized head.

      This is also a question I had so thanks for answering! I would love to make the horns angle a little differently and it sounds like a little sueding will help that along. Neat!

      Good luck with your move and I'll stay tuned for any pictures that might manifest after. Many thanks!
    6. happy to be able to provide some answers. I'll keep an eye out for them when I unpack and shoot pics. meanwhile thanks for the luck re. move. same to you for deciding whether or not to get the horns for your doll. :)