MercutioEx Feedback Thread

Jun 10, 2019

    1. Just starting a feedback thread for Marketplace transactions.
    2. MercutioEX purchased a Withdoll goat body from me! Communication was excellent and they are friendly! Thank you so much for the purchase, I hope you enjoy your new project!
    3. Positive!

      @MercutioEx purchased spare doll family h arms in normal yellow.

      The transaction was fast and great. No issue with communication, payment was quick, and they let me know when everything arrived to them safe and sound! So nice would sell/buy from in the future!
    4. They bought a Doll Family Duoduo from me. Everything went well, fast replies, great to work with! 10/10 would do business again! :3nodding:
    5. MercutioEX bought a Soom Thera from me! The communication was great and they’re very friendly. Thank you so much!