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Merry Christmas ! XD Here is Doll Heart latest release ! XDDD

Dec 21, 2005

    1. Merry Christmas everyone! Long Time no see ~
      Is me D again ~
      Here I am to bring some new clothes from dollheart ~
      Hope you all enjoy and liking them ~ :D

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    2. ooohh very grunge and cool. <3 The pants and skirt are the greatest. X3
    3. Oh wow. Those are gorgeous! I love the details on the SD13 boy pants especially. Excellent sets.
    4. I love those outfits!!
    5. Cool! I was just in HK at your shop the other day and there was a photo shoot in progress. Wish I could have spent more time and money there, it is very nice. I am very happy with the wig I picked up. It fits my Custom House doll very well, and suits her personality.
    6. Thank you for the update! Those are some fabulous new outfits :D

      I have to say, my very favorite wig and pair of shoes are from your shop . . . you make such beautiful things!!

      -- Andi :)