Merry Doll Round (Merry, Fang, and more)

Jan 29, 2012

    1. Summing up info:

      Head size: 8"
      Eye size: 16mm
      Neck size: 9,5 cm

      Custom face-up cost: 28$
      Head comes blank by standard.

      Link to resin match:
      inXed said this about resin match irl: "Infinitidoll is the best match I have for Oriental skin, and Aria WS for Fresh Skin."
      On the preview pictures the head is a Fresh skin head (blushed to match) on Normal skin Supia body with Elfdoll hands.

      That should be it... ^__^ Hope it helps!

      Jinxed... Can you maybe take a picture of Merry with different eye sizes? :)
      Maybe also different eye types?
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    3. Does anyone else have this head on DoA? And I've been wondering what bodies people ended up using for their head, thanks!
    4. I have a Merry head on a Senior Delf girl body. I have an April Story at home too, that looks like it would make a decent match. :)
    5. That sounds pretty wonderful looking, I'm thinking of putting my incoming girl on a Two.S.Doll body, it's been interesting researching different bodies that might match or not match for that matter.
    6. The Two.S.Doll body I have at home also looks like it could match. :)
      I hope to see your girl, when she gets home! There's not too many Merrys around. :(
    7. Did you ever take any photos of your girl? How is the MDR resin match the Luts resin?

      That looks like a really great color match, she's pretty adorable with that red hair too. :D
    8. So far I only have this. I can get better photos in a couple of weeks, when I go visit my friend who has a better camera. :)
      To me, the match is decent, but I'm not too picky when it comes to match.
    9. Thanks for the awesome photos! I've been still comparing skin tones and what not as for what body, but I am still leaning towards that two.s hybrid. I should have her home just before November so I will probably try he on the few SD girl bodies I have at that time.
    10. I was playing around with a ton of dolls at a friends house today and I got to see an elfdoll body in person and I am starting to think that would be a better match for her style wise at least. Resin matching wise... Still not sure on that one.
    11. I got my girl's head in yesterday, and I tossed it on a Dollzone WS body I had, the color match is not so great, but it worked really well proportionally. (A lot better than the Elfdoll body actually). So here she is not matching at least for now. (I have a DZ body in NS on the way for her, hopefully it will match better.)

    12. Hopefully my April Story girl body will ship soon, so my Charlotte can get on her real body!
      Until then, here's a picture of her I got today.

    13. I have her on a Luts Delf body with the boobs modded flat.

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    14. My girl was using a dark red wig and a more casual style at first, but apparently she really likes old school Lolita, and her bright red wig!

    15. Such cute outfits you all have!
      Almy, that red wig looks great!
    16. Thanks so much! I love seeing the other Merry's too, I had another update to Caroline's style. She's still rocking the ruffles but I just really like her in that short burgundy wig, so I tried something new with her.

    17. Since there is only a thread for Merry Doll Round's mold "Merry" I'd like to start one for her beautiful sculpt "Fang":fangirl:

      Recently I had been able to get a Fang head on the MP ...but havn't been able to get the Walnut Body. So I had to plan my very first hybrid:sweat

      For the body I have been chosing a Dollstown 13yrs girl body because DT's resin is of the same color (DollShe color chart) as the MDR sculpts which are casted by DollShe. This way I could be pretty sure that the resin match would be a good one. Another reason to get a DT body was its similarity to the original Walnut Body...small breasts and rather chunky legs. The measurements of both bodies seemed to be NEARLY equal ...neck circumference of the Walnut Body : 9 cm...neck circumference of the DT body : 8,7 cm...that sounded very good to me. But in the the end it turned out that the neck -hole of Fang's head must be smaller than described :o The head is fitting on the neck but is sitting very high ! Proportion-wise I think my first hybrid is not too bad...

      On the next picture you can see how high the head is placed on the neck...

      ...but over all I am happy with the result

      This is my sweet Korean girl...her name is "Moon"...and I love her !!!!

      Thank you for your interest !!!
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    18. She's beautiful! I love the Fang sculpt, and I think the hybrid looks really good :)