Merry Doll Round (Merry, Fang, and more)

Jan 29, 2012

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, wildwoodflower :aheartbea !!! I fell in love with this sculpt from the first moment I saw her...and now I'm over the moon to have her home :) And the very first hybrid is a really exciting experience....glad you like her, Dear !!!!
    2. Ohhh, congrats on your lovely Moon! She's adorable - and I quite envy you for her;)
      Fang is a gorgeous sculpt - it's so sad that the artist doesn't seem to release any more dolls.
      But do post more pictures of her, please - she's really stunning!
      The hybridisation seems to have worked out pretty perfectly and I love that the lines of the body go perfectly with the soft contours of her face.
    3. ooh! how pretty! I'm glad someone finally started a fang thread, i really love this doll and don't see to many pictures of her :( I'd like to have one myself one day maybe :)
    4. First off Congratulations she is lovely, and I adore the name you have chosen for her, secondly it's nice to have a thread started about the beautiful Fang girls.they don't get nearly as much attention as they should.

      She is exquisite and I think overall the body works for her. I was asked to share photos of Tao another Fang sculpt that is also a Hybrid girl, having went with a Customhouse Cee body because I liked the delicate features and match of the body with her.

      So without further adeu, let me share Tao here with you all, I do hope to see more owner photos in this great thread you have started for them.

    5. AlmySidaKay - Aww, she looks adorable with those bunny ears. :D

      My Merry Charlotte finally got her real body. An April Story girl body. I had a fight getting the head on the body though.
      Here she is with her two sisters.
    6. This is my little one Pooky Boo, she is a Merry with an Infinitidoll SID girl body with Illussion Spirit jointed hands. I mod a little the picture ( erase the joints and made the smile of her) I love so much this mold!!:aheartbea


      (Without mod)
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    7. I tried my best to get a nice picture with my cellphone, and I think I did okay.
      Here's Charlotte:
    8. Fang is so absolutely gorgeous, but I'm not sure how it is the artist works? Does she do only pre-orders and if so, is there any schedule to how she does them?
    9. I'm under the impression that she does pre-orders, and if I am remembering correctly I think the news posting for the next pre-order will be for Fang, but the Merry Doll Round site has been down for a few days, at least for me anyway. Are others having the same problem?
    10. No, I can get on the site just fine?
    11. Oof, wow I guess it's just me then, I haven't been able to access the website for days. (TAT)
    12. Nightflower I saw your beautiful doll on flickr (I'm CrimsonDoll) and I literally love her :)
      shaDrouet you Fang is beautiful too, so delicate!

      I just bought a second hand Fang myself, here on DoA!! Can't wait to see her in person *___*

      I visited MDR site like everyday since the last April poll, where JinXed declared the next pre-order would be right for Fang! But nothing happened since then, I tried to contact her many ways (personal e-mail, DoA, Flickr) but she never answered :( So I guess that, at least for the moment, her dolly business is on hiatus.
      I'm so happy that I eventually found a Fang to buy, she has this amazing sculpt that I adore!!


      About the MDR site: for me it works almost fine, the only thing is that when I open any page, a pop up window with a web-hosting adv appears, dunno why!

      And answering the question about pre-orders: yes MDR dolls were only be available through pre-order system, but for now, as I said before, the project seems on hiatus :(
    13. *huddles down into a corner of sads*

      I hope she's able to pick production up again, if it's simply a matter of convenience that's put her on hiatus. Something serious, of course,e is another matter.
    14. I'm planning to have one of MDR girl... but it seems the hiatus will be quite long... so sad :(
    15. The artist JinXed has been "disappeared" for a long time, probably for personal matters, but I think she lost the interest in the hobby and in making dolls. I haven't seen her on Spanish forums or in her twitter since February. The only news of her was from a friend who talked with her and it seems she doesn't plan to sell dolls again, or at least for a long time ;_;

      It is a pity since she has wonderful dolls but I understand her because it is not profitable to be a small doll artist here in Spain with all the taxes we have to pay.
    16. I really love the Fang head, congratulations to all that have one ^^.
    17. Angelic_Pretty, thank you so much for your lovely compliments on my Moon:)!!! I'm sooo happy and excited for you to get a Fang yourself...can't wait to see your girl !!! And yeah...I made the same experience as you : I stalked MDR-website everyday during the last 7 month to find that nothing happened there. Then I started different ways to get in contact with JinXed (her website, email and PM on DOA...nothing worked:() At least I managed to get my Fang on DOA's MP...and that's the only thing I can recommend to all of those who are wanting one.

      Thank you, Gothland, for the information about the artist...though we all had hoped for better news I suppose. It had been one of the reasons for me to open this thread to let JinXed know how much her dolls are appreciated !!!

      So this is to JinXed who will hopefully see this thread : We love your dolls, you are such a talented artist, please don't give up producing these amazing resin-dreams !!! As you can see here: you are having a lot of fans who are drooling over your creations...Please come back !!!!
    18. Wow, all your girls look so cute! She looks good with both long and short hair!
      Boy, I tell you, after fussing with my girl's long wig today, I'm about ready to get her something shortshortshort! lol

      Catching snowflakes on her tongue!
    19. Your girls are both looking so great! I ended up robbing Caroline of her body I had for her and put her on a WS body instead. With a little neck and hand blushing I think she will look better even then she did on the old body!
    20. wowow , your doll looks very beautiful because they have big eyes.

      merry christmas ! best wishes to you in 2014!