Merry Doll Round (Merry, Fang, and more)

Jan 29, 2012

    1. such beautiful sculpts! What a shame this artist is no longer producing.
    2. Here's De Leon, my fang boy. He was a real dream come true. ;o;

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    3. I see... Thanx' a lot for the information. It is so sad to know about this.. imo her sculpts are unique and gorgeous. Hopefully there will be good update news soon :)
    4. Gothland thanks for the update, it's such a shame that an artistic job has to be stopped because of taxes :( too bad!!!

      Speaking of resin comparison, I took a couple of pics of my Oriental Skin Fang close to a Mirodoll body (that I bought for my Elfdoll Rita), maybe it can be useful to know that the resin match is pretty good^^ Fang is a bit paler and her skin tone tends to be more grey-ish compared to the Mirodoll body. But the match could work:

      And Fang close to Elfdoll Rita [NS] and Elfdoll Eun-A [WS]. Elfdoll NS is not a good match but WS could be ok, not perfect but still...

      Anyone has a Souldoll body to compare their resin with the MDR one? I may want to try a Souldoll/Fang hybrid^^
    5. I completely understand the respect the artists decision to no longer produce these dolls, but it is so disappointing. I fell in LOVE with Fang when I first saw it, and knew she'd be the perfect sculpt for my Yue (CCS) doll; a gorgeous, beautifully ethnic sculpt with an expression just neutral enough to work magic with! Y'alls are SO lovely!
    6. I love the middle head!
    7. I hope everyone had a great new year, I got a new DSLR so I've really been enjoying taking more photos of Caroline. I changed what body she was on but I think this one actually matches a bit better resin wise. Here she is, bunny ears and all!

    8. So cute! Looks so much like she just flopped down after a crazy afternoon of fun!
    9. Thanks oddly that is exactly what she did. The girls were all standing around and she was finally done with it!

    10. Oh, how cool!! Love all the bright, pretty colors! A nice line-up!
    11. Thanks! Funny seeing you in a few of the same threads, apparently we both have good taste. I had a complete overhaul of Caroline's look yesterday, and I think it's much more her style now. And yet, still fits in with the rest of the more frilly girls. :D

    12. Okay, that hat is adorable, and suits her well!

      *laughs* Yeah, I get around. ;) It's always nice to see a familiar face!
    13. Cute girls:D
    14. Thanks for the compliments, she photographs so well I can't stop taking photos! <3

    15. She looks so cute and happy - love those eyes!
    16. Hi Aves...sorry for my late input...just wanted to tell you how much I'm in love with your De Leon...OMG he is amazing!!!! I fell in love with him from the moment I saw him. Did you make his FU ? It is fantastic !!! From all of the BJD boys I've been watching during the last years De Leon is one of the most outstanding ones. If you will ever think of re-homing him (I'm kidding, Dear, I know this will never happen, haha)...please remember meeee!!!!
    17. I think she looks great in both wigs! Nice style!
    18. She is lovely! :fangirl:
    19. I love your girl Xiaoyue09 she looks so amazing with that brown and purple wig.