Merry Doll Round (Merry, Fang, and more)

Jan 29, 2012

    1. Uggg I want one so bad now.
    2. Thank you so much everyone!!><
    3. looks beautiful!like girl come from old age
    4. I took a photo of Caroline with her best friend Littlebird today. They have been really lazying about the house lately.

    5. Some Fang heads were for sale on Merrydollround website this afternoon, just couldn't resist getting one... again... I already had one in oriental, sold it and got one in freshskin this time.
      Next step will be to find a male sd body... on the leaner side but bulky enough to fit this rather large head (compared to my other dolls).

      Aves, your De Leon is on a senior delf body from was I could find on your flickr gallery, is he oriental skin on a normal skin body? how is the neck fit?
    6. ...and she's already sold out again. Shoooo. That was fast!
    7. I was on her site 15 minutes after start and they were all gone
      she answered me on FB, that all Heads were sold out after one minute

      I think it's better for me, since i never would be able to find a nice body
    8. Holy smokes! That IS fast! I hope she takes that as encouragement to make more! ^___^
    9. I'm so happy that I managed to snag a Fang head during the recent release! Its a fresh-skin head, and should be here soon according to the tracking :) I'm very excited! But I can't decide what gender to make my Fang :XD: I'm thinking it might end up being a genderless doll because I just can't decide!
    10. Skimo he's orientalskin on real skin normal SDF. (I think) He's incredibly pale and actually looks white next to all my other dolls. Resin match is pretty spot on though @ _ @ Neck fit is fine, a tiny bit bulky but its the best body I can get for the resin match and his character. If you want I can take photos for reference.

      Nightflower wahhh! thanks so much for your kind words * U *
      I'll let you know if ever I do <3
    11. My Fang arrived yesterday! I have him on a body with his hair/eyes/outfit all put together and he looks so cute! :love
    12. Pictuuuuuuure! ;)

      I'm really hoping for more releases of Fang. I haven't been fast enough to snag one yet.
    13. My Fang head came in a few days ago! It is such a beautiful sculpt, so detailed and smooth!

      The poor guy is gonna be a floater for quite a while, as he's basically last in line for a faceup/body/wig/eyes etc ;) Haha excuse the Instagram pic, its all I have for now :sweat I can't wait till it's his turn to get all dolled (lol) up!

    14. I just purchased my Merry head and I couldn't be more excited, I was hoping to get some members pictures of her and some advice of which body I should get?

      Hi everyone, i just got my merry head in the mail today but am still clueless about which type of body to get for her. The merrydollround site had changed and no longer posts which bodies fit. Could anyone please give me some recommendations on what would fit/match the merry freshskin?
    15. I'm absolutely in love with this sculpt and I've been stalking the webpage for days now in the hopes of getting one. I can't help it, she's so gorgeous! I have even started developing a character for her and I'm afraid I might never get her :(
    16. [MENTION=68386]Enredadiza[/MENTION] there will be a new pre-order as soon as she finishes sculpting the bodies c: mdr has mentioned that fang head, with or without body, will be offered ^^
    17. [MENTION=48031]Junnosukebe[/MENTION] I've already found a head! I'm really happy! Now I'm only waiting for MDR to finish the body so I can have the complete doll :)
    18. [MENTION=68386]Enredadiza[/MENTION] congrats on finding your head! the new bodies and heads are going to be cast with a different company if i remember correctly? at least, my fang head was cast by dollshe but currently, mdr is using fantasy doll to cast their sculpts ^^
    19. I know, I'll have to see which color matches the best.
    20. Hi Guys, very interesting thread here.
      I managed to snap a fang head on pre order. The head is in strawberry colour.
      Do you have any ideas what body I should go for for colour match? I am looking at DT fresh skin. Would that a good move ??? Help

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