Merry Doll Round (Merry, Fang, and more)

Jan 29, 2012

    1. Wow thank you so much for the love everyone! Veera and I appreciate it very much ❤️
    2. Does anyone happen to know good resin matches for the Fresh Skin (Dollshe)? I happened to get my hands on a Fang head on that resin tone and I am idly searching for a body for her. :D

      I'm so excited, I am two girls closer to owning all of MDRs sculpts! XD
      (Okay I am kidding, I am not going to get them ALL - but a girl can dream...)
    3. Hey, could I ask what size wigs do your guys’ Zuri’s wear? I currently have a Feeple60 Celine that has 2 custom alpaca wigs made for her head, but I’m reshelling that character into a Zuri and was hoping her wigs would still fit lol, wouldn’t be looking forward to spending another $200 on wigs :aeyepop:
    4. @bella8y - I don't have a Zuri myself, but someone posted earlier that her head measures 19.5cm or 7 and 5/8 inches. Maybe that helps? I hope you get some other replies, too!
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    5. So I have been waiting SUPER impatiently for my Zuri to get here, and I messaged Merrydollround on Instagram, and she said that the dolls would be shipped from the casting company at the end of August, or early September .How exciting! :love
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    6. Just started a layaway for a chocolate milk Zuri secondhand! So excited, hopefully I can get my doll I have for sale now sold soon so I can get her home quick :D
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    7. Sorry if this is in the wrong place or anything like that! I never know my way around forums even if I spend twenty minutes deciding where to post something.... -_-;

      I swear I've got grandma-level ineptitude when it comes to things like this.

      Anyway....I should've posted for help about this much, much earlier, but here it is now....I bought both of these parts and I want to hybrid them: a MerryDollRound Fang head, and her perfect body, a SWITCH Humming Doll 57 girl body. I just realized that I don't know the neck circumference of a MerryDollRound head! And I'm worried I might have to mod my Fang head to get it on the SWITCH body. Can anyone tell me what my situation is? I promise I'll be more careful in the future. u_u
    8. Well according to the maker's web sites the switch neck is 9.2 cm and Fang's neck is 9 cm. So they are pretty close only 2 mm off. And their measurements may not be totally. They both use just an s-hook/elastic to connect. So maybe you might want to sand the neck or make the neck hole slightly bigger, but it might look fine!

      Hopefully someone who owns both will stop by with more practical rather than hypothetical advice. But to me it seems like even if you have to sand a little to make it fit right it wouldn't be a big mod.
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    9. @shadow_takatori

      Alright, thank you! I couldn't find Fang's neck measurement and was getting worried. I guess I was looking in the wrong places.

      It sounds like this isn't as big a catastrophe as I had thought, which puts my mind at ease, so thanks for that! Sorry about my ineptitude, ha ha....
    10. Anyone else excited for the renewed Fang!? I saw Nuria's post on Instagram where she showed Fang on the new Komorebi body. The head has been reduced a little in size, so now she will have same proportions with Zuri. :D She also has new ears! I already had a Fang head but the moment I saw the pictures, I sold the head and now I am impatiently waiting for a preorder so I can get a (hopefully Cookie skin) Fang in the new Komorebi body. <3 Can't wait!

      Meanwhile, my Zuri got a drastic style & character change! She's now called Clementine and I am in love with her more than ever. :D
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    11. Ahh your Zuri is amazing! I had not seen the new fang size but that is very tempting.... I love my current fang but I wonder what body options that would open up?
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    12. Thank you so much! :D
      I think aside from the new Komorebi body or Petrichor, the new Fang head would look more proportionate with slimmer SD bodies? The new Fang will fit 8" wigs instead of 8-9". I think it would look nice in a lot of bodies because of the more realistic proportions. :) And the new Komorebi body, being slimmer than the previous one, does show that the new Fang will look lovely on it. <3
      I personally really fancy smaller heads on SDs, I have a "tiny head gang"! XD So I am very excited. The Fang head I had, even though lovely, felt a little out of place, even though the size difference was not that drastic.
    13. Okay, so I've liked Fang for a while, but I managed to convince myself her head is too big, as she would be a younger psuedo-sibling to my other SDs, and the shortest among them has a 8" head. But she had to go and shrink the head.

      I see that the preorder for the new Fang is in April. I hope that "xxxxxx" is some shade of tan (and that I get a new job by then). Or rather, hope it isn't, so I can keep my old limit of five dolls. But tinies don't count, right? Ah, at least I have time.
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    14. Stunning. I am hoping to order Fang in MDR's 2019 schedule on the new Komorebi body! I currently have Ophelia in cookie skin/petrichor body on layaway through someone selling her preorder from last June/July. Very excited to receive my first MDR girl!
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    15. I finally got a shipping email for my Olathe! I'm hoping I get lucky and she arrives quickly, but, I know that's not going to happened. One good thing about this hobby, I've learned to be patient.:)
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    16. Olathe is such a lovely sculpt, I hope you post lots of pictures of her when she arrives!
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    17. I just recently received my stunning Zuri from MDR after 6 months, and she was so worth the wait :love The worst part was actually waiting for her once she'd shipped, it felt like forever! Looking for a face-up artist for her, and need to work out what wig I want her to have. Will post pictures soon-ish hopefully!
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    18. They just posted on their Instagram they’re releasing limited quantities of Zuri and Fang on Dec 2nd!
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    19. My Zuri finally arrived this week! :love It's going to be a bit until she gets a faceup (and I've had NO luck finding a wig I like for her!) but she's still so beautiful blank!
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    20. Congrats @shinibun - always exciting to have another MDR girl to admire :love

      I'm very excited for this mini release - I am thinking I will buy myself Fang as a Christmas present!
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