Merry Doll Round (Merry, Fang, and more)

Jan 29, 2012

    1. Oh yes! What a fantastic gift. Fang and a Zuri are so gorgeous and are both on my wishlist-- but I've bought too much this year already. But it's Fang. Ah, MDR girls are so gorgeous.
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    2. Wow, the cookie skin MDR girls sold out within 10 minutes. Holy smokes.
    3. Ah I'm so disappointed - Nuria said she put the dolls up two hours ago when I messaged her at the time they should have gone up! I checked and re-checked the right timezone time, and got up at 2:30. :( No cookie Fang for me!
    4. I am so disappointed I missed the stock girls. I was really gunning for Olathe. Agh, I have my Ophelia to keep me company while I begin the long journey of posting WTBs and searching for one haha. [​IMG]
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    5. After a year of coveting Zuris in the wild, I have my very own coming soon thanks to the stock sale! I fully expected that they would all be spoken for by the time I was able to check the site.

      This is not the MOST financially sound decision I've ever made, but... Zuri.

      My only regret is that Dango has to wait for another day.
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    6. In celebration of starting a layaway for my second Juvenile MDR girl, here's some spam of my cookie Fang ❤️
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    7. Can anyone help me out with understanding Merry Doll Round's color choices?

      Mousse and Bunyol are on preorder for the next week or so, and I would love to buy one, but I'm torn about the colors! The available colors are Strawberry, Chocolate Milk, and Chocolate. I'd like something "tan" because most of my dolls have light skin, and I'm leaning strongly to Chocolate Milk, but it looks different in all the photos.

      Is it more of a medium grey-brown color (dark like Dollshe Pale Tan, even if the tone is not the same) or is it more of a lighter tan (like Dollshe Copper Oriental, Fairyland Tan, etc.)?

      Thank you!
    8. Strawberry is a pleasant pinky white color, Milk chocolate is a...hmm a bit darker than copper Oriental, and fairly cool toned imo. Chocolate is like a Hershey bar!
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    9. Thank you, @Tsuki56! I was using the Dollshe colors as an example, since I have some pieces of Tan and Copper Oriental on hand. The Chocolate really does look like a delicious color!
    10. No worries!! I hope it helps!
    11. Can someone point me to pictures of the new komerobi body? I just realized the preorder schedule for this year!!!
    12. I vaguely remember seeing something about the bigger MDR heads (Ophelia, Olathe, Fang) being resized for smaller SD bodies, has that already happened?
      It's a major bummer for me since the majority of my dolls are SD+, any smaller than 60cm doesn't fit scale as an adult, and I really don't see these lovely sculpts as kids (maybe teens, but most teenage girls aren't growing any taller...)
      anywho, photo spam of my Olathe, Taline (she's on the 60cm Supia body)
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    13. I hadn't realized hey were sized for larger SD bodies.

      I only have Merry and I have her on a Luts Delf body with the boobs sanded off (I have her as a nine year old):

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    14. Thank you Tappy_paws! I will go look!
    15. just had to go and prove me wrong about MDR sculpts not working as kids ;) She's really cute and I love her dress (especially the bias trim band just above the hem :love)
    16. {GRIN!!}
      Thanks. I love the way the Victorians used self-trim so try to get a bit of it onto the outfits I make.

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    17. Hey guys! I was lucky enough to get an Olathe during the pre-christmas mini-sale but am now really struggling to find her nice shoes, do you guys have any suggestions? (Nice black or red heels or something please! Trainers seem to be much easier to find but not applicable to the character sadly.)
    18. Hi everyone! I can’t believe I haven’t posted pictures of my girl on this thread yet!


      This is Charlie, my MDR Ophelia. She’s a hybrid and I’ve had her since 2015. I decided to quit the hobby back in 2014 but the Ophelia preorder on 2015 made me come back in an instant. <3 She’s my grail doll and I love her so much! If it weren’t for her, I never would have returned to the BJD hobby. :D
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    19. Oh, @indollgence , she's lovely! What body is she on? It looks like a nice hybrid.
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