Merry Doll Round (Merry, Fang, and more)

Jan 29, 2012

    1. Awww she’s so gorgeous!
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    2. OMG! She takes my breath away! I’m so glad you found Charlie. Still waiting to find my MDR grails...
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    3. Gorgeous!

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    4. Thanks! She’s on a DF-A 60cm girl body. I’m planning to upgrade her body someday though :D

      Thank you so very much! <3

      Thank you! :D Aside from Ophelia, I also like Fang and Zuri :)

      Thank you, thank you! :D <3
    5. I'm very inactive here, oops! I would like to get to chatting here more often, but life gets in the way. It's easier to just post on Insta.

      I'm still waiting for the renewed!Fang preorder, whenever that is. I'm patient, I know that this girl will be worth the wait. ♥ At least we have time to save up!

      Here's a pic of my Clementine from a recent shoot. I'm very pleased with how these turned out. :D

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    6. Lovely shot of her.

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    7. Loving this thread, my grail girl is Ophelia on a DT body - I managed to snag a Fang and love her sculpt so much. It has definitely made me decide that my next girl will be Ophelia if I can find her!

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    8. #

      Good Hunting with your search for Ophelia

    9. Thank you Teddy
    10. Hello,
      I just finished my Olathe. She had been in her box since getting her and 4 months ago I took her out intending to work on her. I didn't,:sigh she had been on my shelf all this time. This past weekend, I seen her sitting there, and I had to discovery who she is. I'm absolutely in love with her :love. I'm so very happy!:dance

      [​IMG]IMG_3488 by Lulu, on Flickr
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    11. Gorgeous!

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    12. Thank you! Teddy
      I've been so busy working on my tinies that I had completely forgotten about the big girls and boys!
    13. But it's done now.

      My problem now is that my Merry's Luts body has yellowed (quite nicely) but her face has greened! She looks like she has a zombie head - Waaah!

      I'm gogin to try dusting her with some red toned pastel over her existing faceup to see if that counteracts it, otherwise I'll have to strip of her lovely faceyp and see whether it's har rein that has greened or whether it's the sealant.

      Either way - Poop!

    14. Oh no!
      Well, I hope your able to correct it without removing the faceup!
    15. Thanks. Me too.

    16. Hello! I just got a Zuri on the second hand market, but one of her hands arrived broken. The pinky snapped off (presumably in transit).:pout:

      she's on the Petrichor body in milk chocolate. Does anyone know good matches for hand size? Resin color would be a plus, but I'll settle for tannish and paint to color match if necessary.

      I'd just glue it back on but I'm constantly dressing my girls, so it'd keep breaking the glue I'm sure... :sweat
    17. I'd suggest gluing it back on in the meantime and seeing how it goes while you're lookking into sourcing a replacement - I did this with one of my girls and it lasted for several years, despite constant dressing and redressing. I still have the glued hand a back up in case anything happens to the replacements.

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    18. thank you, that might be exactly the thing to do!
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    19. Very pretty

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