Merry Doll Round (Merry, Fang, and more)

Jan 29, 2012

    1. The DT body may be available in a dollshe pink closer to "strawberry" than freshskin?

      I love Fang in caramel.
      But I would see her as a strong tall warrior, so her actual body wouldn't fit... I guess she won't be available separately in caramel or was she during the recent preorder?
    2. Do you think that strawberry fresh skin from dollshe or the raspberry fresh from college would match better?

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    3. Heh... :sweat. I saw her up for preorder and didn't care what color she would be in, and just threw her in the cart and celebrated! lol
    4. I'm waiting until she's up in carmel to preorder mine.
    5. I have one on a Granado Nuevo body in NS. She was a Dollshe Fresh but I airbrushed her. It didn't match at all. It was about 3 shades lighter.

      [MENTION=54172]Chriandra[/MENTION] - the caramel one looks super pretty!
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    6. [MENTION=65380]BlitheFool[/MENTION] - Oh gosh! Love her! That wig looks perfect too! I suspect you cut it? Such a nice job!
    7. Thanks, [MENTION=9171]aernath[/MENTION]! You know, I didn't have to? It's a Crobidoll wig (size 8) and it came that way!
    8. Seriously?! Wow. O_O I'm impressed! I haven't looked at Crobi in forever. Guess I'll have to now! lol Thanks for the heads up!
    9. Your merry's are so pretty! Didnt regret joining the 2nd pre order! So excited to get mine! :D
    10. Hey guys, hoping it's okay to also discuss Fang, Ophelia and Olathe here? I couldn't find a separate thread for them...
    11. There's a thread for Fang as well. I think that someone should PM a mod to either combine them or just start a MDR thread for all of them.
    12. Tan Fang:D...I think the colour really suits her. I've been looking at Merry Round Doll for a while now and never managed to nab Fang. I'm wondering just how limited she is in the caramel colour....I think she's gorgeous.
    13. I am very excited to see her in tan skin! I think caramel is the lovely color. ^^ I hope to order her if I can sell one of my SDs.
      [MENTION=63054]mdonline03[/MENTION], per the MDR website there will only be 15 caramel Fangs. x3
    14. I preordered my Fang in carmel this morning as soon as they were avaliable. I wouldn't be surprised if I was the very first one lol. I wonder how long it took them to sell out. I bought her, went to do some stuff and run some errands and by the time I was back she was sold out.
    15. I did the same thing! I had a feeling she was going to go super quickly so I was up very late in my time zone to make sure I could get her. I had a very wild ride with getting store envy to take my card, sigh.
    16. I wish this topic was more active. I know she's an artist doll and everything but I'd love to see more pictures!
    17. Just thought I'd share a picture of my mdr fang boy, taegom. He doesn't have his proper eyes or wig yet heh o u o;; He's the non-identical twin for my ophelia.


      edit: here are the brothers together. taebin, the ophelia, will get painted when i return from my vacation

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    18. I finally have my Fang together, this is the only pic I have so far:

    19. Ohh all these handsome boys. I want an Ophelia in the future as well.
    20. @Junnosukebe &

      What eyes and size do your Fangs have?

      I was able to get a Fang in the pre-order too. Laying in front of my Laptop 15 min before sale start XD

      And I have no idea what kind of girl she will be...

      But looking in this thread show me, that she will look fabulous no matter what I'll do with her <3