Merry Doll Round (Merry, Fang, and more)

Jan 29, 2012

    1. What a beautiful sculpt.
    2. Fang is a beautiful sculpt! I was so very happy that Fang was released again right when I started pining for one and has been available for all us fans since then.:aheartbea
      @Rin Yhun, he is wearing 14mm glass, though I am thinking 14mm with a smaller iris in the future. The wig is a 7-8 Monique, which a a really perfect fit.
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    3. I love seeing Fang as a boy! They're all so pretty :D
    4. Gah I wish I had gotten a tan Fang!! I already have a fresh skin Fang head who is waiting for his DF-A body to arrive, but dang if that tan Fang girl wasn't tugging at my wallet ;) Maybe I'll see if MDR does any more tan releases for her other sculpts, I feel like Olathe would be AMAZING in tan :D

      Also, here is my blank Fang boy Hyden! He is using an extra body that doesn't match him at all lol but its nice to be able to play with him! I'm gonna buy some faceup supplies and try my hand at doing it myself :) And btw, this picture was taken right before my dog jumped on the couch and stole his wig lmao :XD:

    5. I think she said there's a chance that she'll do future releases in tan. I think that she got to see how much people wanted it. Fang sold out pretty quickly lol

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    6. I do hope she releases another round of tan Fangs. She looks so good in that caramel colour! Here's my Fang (Jubilee) hanging out with the rest of her Gen X crew


      I love the boy Fangs on this board! That sculpt really works for either gender imo.
    7. This is sculpt is beautiful!

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    8. Yes for tan caramel Fang. It was such a limited batch. Well done for the guys who did manage to get one !! We would like to see pictures, guys !!

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    9. I'll take pictures whenever she gets here!
    10. I hope it's okay that I join in here ; u ; I managed to order a caramel Fang back when the preorder, and I can't wait to get her! iih!
    11. Ugh I would really love some kind of update. There's really been no update about anything since early Sept.
    12. Hi :) It's my first time in this thread and having a MerryDollRound
      My Fang arrived this morning. She's Strawberry and I don't know what to say, because she's fantastic. Lovely hands and feet, she poses really well (I love the way she can sit, with the straight back) and she has an amazing hips ♥
      More photos in my flickr.

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    13. @evichan , aaaaaaah she's gorgeous!!! ; u ; Can't wait to see how you get her painted! And the Komorebi body sounds so nice already <3
    14. Thank you!!! I'm very happy with her, she's a fantastic doll with an amazing body.

      An another one
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    15. I'm waiting to get Olathe in cookie (MDR's name for tan). I'd love to get a tan Fang as well.

      I don't remember what size those eyes in my Fang are, but I'm pretty sure they're 12mm but they could be 14mm.
    16. @evichan - Iih thanks for the pictures, she looks so adorable <3 And they look amazing too! Also, I read the comments on the second picture, of the body, what size of SD-pants could you get her into? o w o I haven't started buying clothes yet because I'm scared of it not fitting XD

      @Junnosukebe - The new Cookie tan is amazing! Seems like she'll start with preorders for both Olathe and Fang as the next pre-order :D So tempting, even if I already got a Caramel Fang on the way. >w<
    17. @Anori i hope the timing is good for me :'( i want cookie olathe to be my first girl sd XD im thinking she would be a good companion for my soom dia c:
    18. @Junnosukebe - I'll cross my fingers! Fang will be my first SD girl (straight from the company) so I know that feel! Iiih, Dia is such a gorgeous doll too, they'll look amazing together!
    19. @Anori I have this pants (SD size) from Dollmore and they didn't suit her, they didn't go through the hips. But I have pants from SD13 boys, and they suit perfect but a little bit longer.

      The shirt is SD from Dollmore too, and I have to try the shoes and boots I have. Tomorrow I'll try to take photos with the differents pants I have.
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    20. Ohhhh Evichan your girl is gorgeous!! I can't believe I haven't checked in here for a while, derp.

      Waiting right now for the second payment and to get my caramel girl! Any other ideas on what would fit her?