merry doll round - Merry Head [SD]

Jan 23, 2012

    1. Hello everyone!
      I'm very happy to introduce my first doll head ^^ Her name is Merry :aheartbea




      You can see more pictures here and head info here

      ♦ ORDER ♦

      Price is 150$ (plus shipping costs), and includes extra teeth, tonge piece and certificate of authenticity and will be available in Oriental, Fresh and Pale Skin from DollShe (that will do the reproductions). If you wish, I can do custom face-up for 28$ more.
      Pre-order will be open from January 26 to February 10. Heads will be shipped in late March, early April.

      ♦ STOCK ♦

      Updated: Stock heads are SOLD OUT!

      You can find all order information here.

      Thank you for looking!:aheartbea
    2. What bodies will the head go with? :)
    3. What is the neck size btw?
    4. Will there ever be a second ordering period?
    5. Does it come with a standard face-up or is it the extra $28 for a face-up?

      Also, which body do you think matches best resin-wise (I"m asking from what you can physically see, since as you said monitors can be different)?
    6. It will depend on how many people participate in this one.

      Price does not includes face-up, only blank head ^^
      Infinitidoll is the best match I have for Oriental skin, and Aria WS for Fresh Skin.

      Thank your for your interest!
    7. Will her Fresh skin match Volks PS white at all?
    8. Do you have a pic with the teeth?
    9. What skin type is she and body is she on in the pictures? ^^
    10. There is a PRE-ORDER Jan 26 to Feb 10. You haven't missed out.
    11. [FONT=arial, sans-serif]
      [/FONT][FONT=arial, sans-serif]When will be ordering again next period? Very interested in this beautiful head.[/FONT]
    12. I don't have any idea of resin much but the ones I offer on my website, sorry

      Just done this one

      Merry head on pictures is blushed Fresh skin to match the body from Supiadoll. Hands are from Elfdoll though.

      Thank you for answering ^^

      Thank you very much for your interest!!
    13. I like ariadoll bodies, but I am not that fond of white (I would have to do a lot of comparing to make a decision on that one).

      Do you know how the normal skin matches up?
    14. Pre-order period ends on February 10 at 12:00 pm (GTM +1).