Merrydoll Round Pygmies

Aug 16, 2015

    1. Haven't seen a thread yet for her so thought I'd make one. I've just ordered a chocolate milkshake mousse without face up, anyone else looking forward to receiving there little one?
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    2. Hey! Not ordered one, but will be ordering an Ada when she is released (same body, the other head :P) I am in love with their tiny little bodies >.< I have already ordered clothes for her xD
    3. Oh I'm so tempted by Ada aswell, such lovely little dolls and I feel there's quite a lot of clothing choice with their size even more so then my unoa potentially :)
    4. Definitely! I loooove all the Blythe and Azone clothes, I've always eyed it up, but never had a doll for them! I actually already bought a few pieces for Ada. Oops! The price though >.< I think wigs that look in proportion to her little head will be hard, because I feel the pukipuki have different features and the wigs might be too bulky. Have you got any pieces together for Mousse?
    5. Same here with the clothing, so many things I'm excited to be able to buy now. On wigs I mostly make my own alpaca so luckily I've not got to much to worry about in that regard but can understand how that might be quite a hard one as she is so very delicate. Nothing ready yet apart from having my alpaca but that needs lots if work dying and what not. Have you thought much about eyes? I have to say that's the only thing I find a little bit worrying not sure on many companies that do really nice4mm eyes hmmm.
    6. Ooo I keep thinking I need to learn how to make wigs. I love wigs so much xD It'll be a super handy talent for Mousses' tiny head :P
      I hope Ada stays sleeping head so I don't have to buy tiny tiny eyes! I don't know of anyone that does eyes that small, but I've never really looked! Did you order with a face-up? Maybe she will come with at least one set of eyes?
    7. I bought the Chocolate Milk Mousse from the sale, she arrived the 13th and she's the cutest thing ever. I'm still trying to decide which hair colour suits her best, and about the eyes, I'm planning to buy them through etsy, there are some people there that sells eyes that small. I don't know if the dolls of the preorder will come with eyes, but mine didn't.
      She's my first tan colour skin doll and I'm so happy I got her in that colour, it's amazing! *______*
      I love Ada as well, although I'm the opposite of Kamia, and I hope she doesn't stay a sleeping head, but if she does, better for my savings haha
    8. [MENTION=17614]Gynure[/MENTION] congrats on your Mousse! Please share pictures with us! Did she come with a face-up, or blank? I think she would only come with eyes if she had a face-up.
      Haha, maybe two versions, a sleeping and non? Although then I'd need both >.> Btw, does Mousse have a face-plate with headback or a more traditional head? (Does this question make sense?? I couldn't think of the right words).
      Also just noticed all three of us are from the UK, haha we should have a meet up of tiny Merry Doll Round girls one day :P
    9. She came blank! I actually didn't know that Jin was going to offer the make up for the preorder (maybe I would have waited then, I don't know). I'm not sure about the eyes, a lot of companies include the eyes even if they come blank, that's the reason why I thought that probably none will come with them, but I'm not sure.
      Two versions would be awesome! But I think she mentioned somewhere that initially she thought about Mousse with open eyes and Ada sleeping, so I'm pretty sure she will be a sleeping one.
      Mousse has a traditional head with the back cover, here a picture of mine the day she arrived where I think you can clearly see it (no eyes or anything but oh well!):


      I was surprised by how well she poses, I manage to get her on one foot even! Oh, and by the way, what it does come with her it's the heels (the interchangeable feet with heels)!
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    10. Oh wow gynure she's so lovely! I'm really glad I we to with the milkshake skin now, I debating to to because of the extra price but it looks so very worth it. I didn't go for make up thought I'd have fun making my self blind trying to paint her teeny tiny head haha. I'm hoping they might by some slim chance include eyes this time but if not I have seen a few places on eBay and etsy so there is hope yet:) can't wait to see more of little mousse it's really exciting even seeing her blank.
    11. Omg omg, [MENTION=17614]Gynure[/MENTION] she is SO CUTE. Maybe I need a Mousse AND Ada now... haha, just as well I'm too late for this time :P That colour IS stunning. And [MENTION=7206]kyliebee[/MENTION] I totally agree, it is so cool to see pics, even blank.

      Also, her posing sounds amazing! I really can't wait for more updates on Ada either... <3 <3 Do you know when you expect your girl Kyliebee?
    12. Oh my gosh, she is GORGEOUS!!! :D :D :D I am so upset I just recently discovered this BJD company! I asked a question on Merry Doll Round's instagram and she answered that there will be another preorder for her :D
    13. I'm waiting on a Mousse in Vanilla. I ALMOST got Chocolate but decided I was already being irresponsible enough even ordering her D: haha. Maybe I'll get the next girl in this size in Chocolate if she's offered in that skin tone.
    14. Looks like they're shipping this week! How exciting, hope everyone's looking forward to their little mousses:)
    15. Eeek I need to hear what you guys think ^^ I'm so excited for Ada :P <3
    16. Yes I'm so excited! But...I'm having trouble finding 4mm eyes for Mousse!? I had some picked out from DreamingTreeStudio on etsy but they sold before I could order and from what I understand, she doesn't produce any eyes during December and January so I think I left it too late :/ Has anyone else found another source for such tiny eyes?
    17. Sadly I'm having the same problem and if I do find some they don't seem very good quality at all. Bit unsure what to do at the moment.
    18. Ah, oh no :/ I've only been able to find some of the "glass on a wire" kind which don't look that great but I really don't want her to be eyeless for months! No idea how to make eyes but maybe I will try...

      Edit: I just sent Nuria/Merry Doll Round an email to ask where she got her eyes from :)
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    19. Oh please let us no what she replies that would be fantastic to know:), thank you for mailing her:) I'd hate for her to be eyeless to.
    20. I haven't heard back from her yet but I just saw that DreamingTreeStudio has added a lot of 4mm eyes back to her etsy! I just got a couple pairs, feeling relieved!