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meru-kitty's Feedback Page!

Apr 21, 2009

    1. Here's my feedback thread for anything I've done money wise with anyone else! And I will always try my hardest to leave everyone else my honest feedback too! Thanks!

    2. Meru-Kitty bought a chiwoo from me and was a very awesome buyer. Sent payment quickly, had great communication, was understanding and easy to work with.

      Thank you for adopting my chiwoo! :D
    3. i participated in a bambicrony GO run by Meru-Kitty. She was wonderful to deal with and i highly recommend her!!!
    4. Meru Kitty bought some msd dollmore clothes from me and paid promptly and was great to deal with, great buyer thanks a lot!
    5. Bought a LittleFee Flora outfit from me. Great transaction and communication.
    6. I sold a MSD wig to Meru_Kitty.
      She has great communication and quick to pay.
      Highly recommended ^^
    7. I sold msd wig to Meru-Kitty. She paid really fast and was really nice to talk to. She also let me know when it arrived. Highly recommand her! I would love to do a business again^^
    8. I sold a Volks outfit to meru-kitty recently. She responded quickly and paid promptly, thank you so much!
    9. I bought a Luts wig from Meru-Kitty. She shipped it fast and recvd it in great condition. Thanks so much!
    10. Meru-Kitty bought a set of faun legs from me, prompt payment, and excellent communication, thank you!!!
    11. Meru-Kitty bought the DH Wine Fer from me and payment was fast and communication was excellent :D
      Thank you~
    12. Meru-kitty bought a puki faceplate from me. She paid promptly and let me know when it arrived, and left feedback. Thanks so much!
    13. Meru_kitty bought a FL scarred arm set from me and it was a perfect transaction! She paid promptly and let me know when it arrived. Thanks so much for a great transaction! :D
    14. Meru-kitty purchased an Yder head from me. Communication was great and payment was fast. An excellent buyer. Thank you.
    15. meru_kitty was split leader for my soom split. there was no problem with the transaction whatsoever. the head and body which i purchased arrived in perfect condition. i would not hesitate to deal with meru_kitty again. thank you, meru_kitty! :)
    16. Ash bought an event head from me. The transaction was fast. Communication is friendly. A great person to meet in the marketplace.
    17. Meru-kitty bought a scarred arm from me a while back, and it was a great transaction with prompt payment! It went perfectly :D Sorry for the delay in returning feedback, oops!
    18. I participated in Meru-kitty's GO for Soom Ai's winnie dee hands. Communication was excellent. Shipping was prompt. Items arrived in perfect condition. Would not hesitate to do business with again!
      Thank you!
    19. I participated in meru-kitty's Soom Ai split. Communication was wonderful, and my parts arrived quickly and in wonderful condition. I definitely recommend meru-kitty as a split leader. Thanks so much!
    20. I participiated in meru's Soom Ai split for a human head and body. Communication went very well, I recieved different options for shipping to my country to I could choose which one I wanted, and the parts arrived very well packed. So thank you very much! :)