Mewiefish Novgorod

May 20, 2020

    1. I don't see a thread for this doll yet so hopefully it's okay for me to start one here. Preorder opens tomorrow!
    2. Mewie Fish's Novgorod has not been reviewed for topicality yet.

      This thread is being locked, and will reopen pending our decision. :)
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    3. Novgorod has been decided on topic! :)
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    4. Thanks, mods!
      I'm very excited about this doll! Ordered one in stone grey, though I voted for both colors in the poll and it was hard to choose between them.
    5. Just jumping in to say I also got in on the preorder with a milky tea girl with bigger bust and heeled feet extras. :chibi
    6. I hope yours is arriving soon, mine in transit at present.

      ETA - she arrived yesterday! Here's a quick snap
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