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Sep 22, 2011

    1. Hello! I just bought a Soo head, so I was wondering about what bodies people have bought for their dolls by Mia?
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    2. Did you get one of the ones she just sold? There was no way I could get up at 3am to even try!
    3. I got up at 6 AM and it was not easy, but it was worth it! If you're really wanting a Soo, Mia mentioned on her instagram that there would be a few more available in the near future :)
    4. zomjirate,congratulations on getting a Soo head.I tried to get one but not lucky enough.I emailed Mia about the body,she said Volks Yosd body,Fairyland littlefee body in WS and Chicabonita yosd body in NS.The best fit is chicabonita.
    5. I'm sorry you couldn't get a Soo, but I wish you good luck at getting one next time! :thumbup And thank you so much for this information, it's very helpful. Now I'm gonna go figure out which body I prefer, and see what's available ^^
    6. Baby Lamb wants more bubbly to celebrate New Year's eve! Don't tell her it's just sparkling apple juice!
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    7. Baby Lamb was a limited edition of 100 sold through Dollmore years ago. People have been asking Mia if she will be released again. She is now making more adorable dolls. You can follow her on Instagram mia (@miah308) • Instagram photos and videos
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    8. Did any one get baby soo / ginger in the last order? I ordered in pinky normal and am trying to find color matches.. It is much pinker than chicabi / luts / fairyland.
    9. I am looking for a color match aswell, I have a Normal skin Soo how needs a body, any suggestions? :D
    10. I like Mia, very cute

      I received one soo and Ginger in normal color last month, but have not make it up yet.

      I am looking forward to having a baby lamb, but have not got one.
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    11. We do really want to have the adorable lamb.QAQ
    12. love her face so much<3
      Hope I can get another lamb this year
    13. Mia's doll are My favourite doll in yosd size.
    14. me too!love babylamb<3
    15. Hope I Can get open eyes babylamb one day.:shudder
    16. I didn't care for child-like dolls until I saw Miadoll's Soo! Does anyone know how often she has pre-orders open?
    17. she say she doesnt have plan this year,she wants make new dolls. maybe next year?
    18. soo is so cute,She Just open last year.And this year She have work.So Maybe not open. But She have some left from last year. It will go on her website someday. You Can follow her insta
    19. Thanks for this information! In a way it's good news since I'm new to BJDs and I shouldn't buy too many too soon. It's good to have something to look forward to.
    20. Thanks! Soo really melts my heart. Right now I keep myself content just searching for Soo's pictures. :)