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Sep 22, 2011

    1. Ginger is really lovely! I also love Soo and Baby Lamb
    2. she is so cute, I wish I Can get one
      like her

      That's so cute. I with I Can get one someday.
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    3. I ordered a dollmore dear doll body for my pinky normal soo. The color match of the body is very good (the spare hand I bought last week less so but its not terrible...)
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    4. Mia will open sale of sleeping Soo on autumn! Mia's Instagram has more information.
    5. [​IMG]
      The body I ordered from Chinese dealer perfectly matched Ginger and Soo. Some Chinese companies(CharmDoll, DF-H, Island Doll ...) offer service of manufacturing body with the color simple send by customer.
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    7. Does anyone know whether the Miadoll "normal pink" or "normal yellow" color matches better with Fairyland Littlefee normal skin? Thanks!
    8. It should match the normal yellow better. Normal yellow is supposed to match Volks, so you could look up comparisons between Volks and Fairyland :) The pinky normal is a terrible match for fairyland.
    9. Ah thanks a lot!
    10. Did anyone get a Soo or Ginger head at Miadoll web site's "extra sale" on Saturday? It started at 9pm Korea time. At first the web site was down, then I opened the sale page maybe 20-30 seconds past the sale start time, and everything was sold already!

      Luckily I already have a Soo head that I just bought on Marketplace. I was hoping to get Ginger to be Soo's companion, but this probably is a sign that I shouldn't spent so much. :XD:

      I still want the sleeping Soo that Mia said will be available this fall. I hope it's not going to be nuts like this too. :aeyepop:
    11. I even forgot the starting time!I have asked Mia on Ins, she said she will open Soo next year but she won't open Ginger
    12. I have tried several times with no success. I resorted to getting the sculpts she has done for other companies.
    13. Thanks for letting us know what she is planning!

      Wow really, good to know so I will have more realistic expectations of her special sales. Has she done any other than Bambicrony Vanilla?
    14. I hope that I can have a babylamb, and a sleeping one too.:love
    15. Does anyone has Snow mold? This baby is hardly known and can barely find any information:sorry
    16. Where did you find Snow? I don't remember a mold named Snow.
    17. There on the upper right side is Snow. (A screen shot from mia's baby doll website)
      But that seems all we can see...no more information.
    18. I found about 50 photos on Instagram, some dated in early 2015. If she has her on her new site, maybe she is planning to offer her again.