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Sep 22, 2011

    1. She's really cute. When can I buy her
    2. Sleeping Soo head is available NOW on MIADOLL

      It's a two day sale (9/29 -9/30) and and will end soon!
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    3. Thanks I ordered one! Wow can't believe I finally managed to get a Miadoll head directly.
    4. I think i would get two sleeping soo and make one wink maybe...does anyone think its a good idea?
    5. Sure! If you decide you don't want to do it when the head srrives, it will be easy to sell. Or you could have twins!
    6. I've been smitten with Soo for a while now, I recently got a chance to get one of my own! She's nameless as of yet and I'm still looking for a body I like better for her (please recommend me some!), but here's my little angel :)
    7. I love your matching roller skates! Soo is so cute. I think Mia said she created her heads to match Volks YoSDs. I have Ginger on a Volks YoSD body and Soo on a LittleFee body. My Ginger's head moves better than Soo's and the resin match is better, but I like the overall posability of LittleFees much more.
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    8. I love your skate shoes, so cute!
    9. I just got my sleeping soo today, exactly soo:3nodding:
    10. Wonderful! I ordered one too!
    11. :)
    12. Babies are very gentle. That is a pity...Now you can easily buy only Vanilla.
    13. I ordered a sleeping Soo when Mia had an international order period. I am hoping she will do more order periods for us in the future. I have a thing for Mia's dolls! On her old website I found a list of dolls she had sculpted for other companies. I already had most of them!
    14. Just out of curiosity, what other dolls have she done? I really love her sculpts too.
    15. Sona (msd), Mio (sd), Heizle(msd), Aga(yo) and I believe Shabee and Coco, Narsha's friends.Dollmore is pretty good about listing her as the head sculptor but not in every release of a head!
    16. Wow I had no idea! Mio is perhaps my favorite SD sculpt, but I don't collect SDs so I've only been admiring it from afar. I'll have to check out the others as well. Thanks so much for this information.
    17. I do really want to know that do the babylamb will be released one day or not ? it is a long time that i am looking for her.
    18. Baby Lamb was a limited release of 100 through Dollmore. I doubt that she will be released again.

      You could ask Dollmore. Since the recast issues started, some companies have decided to re-release limited dolls.
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    19. Man im so bummed i missed out on baby lamb.
    20. You missed by a long time. My Baby Lamb arrived in December of 2011.