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Sep 22, 2011

    1. Miadoll says they will have one more sale of soo in summer!
    2. They are also working on Soo's brother and won't make anymore ginger!
    3. Thanks for the information!
    4. Your welcome!

      I'm excited to see new releases
    5. Babylamb is soo cute!
    6. Did anyone see the big brother of soo they are working on? Anyone else excited?
    7. Sure did!! I'm really looking forward to more pictures.
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    8. I see they have different hands! Eeee

      I am not sure but it's this her first body or did she make one for babylamb?
    9. I'm totally in love with these dolls and can't stop taking pictures of my little Oliver :D
      [​IMG]Untitled by Nadine, on Flickr
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    10. I just discovered this brand and I'm quite smitten by Soo! I hope to get one. Maybe Soo, maybe the new brother! :)

      Edit: Just read Mia also did the sculpt for Vanilla. I ADORE my Vanilla!!! This is why I'm so in love with the dolls from Mia's Baby Dolls. T_T

      So sorry for the double post, but may I know what skin color you got your Soo in and what body he is using? <3
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    11. I like all her sculpts too! My favourite SD sculpt is Dollmore Mio, turned out that is her work too!

      I really hope she finishes Soo's older brother. I heard Soo should be available this summer.
    12. Yes! It's perfect timing for me. I just discovered and hopefully soon they will be available. I read that volks and some other bodies are compatible... but compatible with which Miadoll skin color (she has normal yellow, pinky and white)? T_T Sorry, I am so new and still discovering so many things and I have yet to do a hybrid doll!
    13. I have Miadoll's normal yellow on a Volks YoSD body. The colors match and the head poses well. That was super easy (I'm new too). Many YoSD bodies would probably be compatible, she mentions a few on her website here under "skin color comparison".
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    14. I bought a Soo from the marketplace and she came on a Little Monica body. I don't think Mia was offering pink skin then. So the head is normal yellow and the body is normal. I have the Sleeping Soo head in white skin just back from the faceup artist and she matches my new Asleep Eidolon normal skin fairy.

      Dollmore's Sona and Heizle are also by Mia. Mia had a list of the sculpts she did for other companies on her old website. I believe she also did Coco and Shabee, the Narsha friends, but they aren't identified as Mia sculpts on the Dollmore site.
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    15. Thank you! I also saw that photo. None seem to be an exact match, but I guess it's to be expected... I'm going to try to look for a Volks body maybe. Thank you!
    16. With a faceup, skin mismatches are much less obvious. Also dolls yellow with age so if you get an older body then the match might be better (or worse!).
    17. Thank you! When I get the head I plan on just taking it to Mandarake so I can match! Here’s to hoping I do grab one.


      On another note, does anyone know or have any information about the original release of Baby Lamb internationally?

      It was not Dollmore was it? Did anyone here get the original international release or has some info?
    18. Baby Lamb was released on Dollmore in 2011 and was limited to 100 dolls.
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