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MichelleP feedback thread

Mar 11, 2009

    1. I'm new..but here is my feedback! :aheartbea
    2. MichelleP purchased a Kaye headback from me! The transaction was absolutely wonderful and easy!

      Have no fear in dealing with Michelle! :aheartbea
    3. michellep purchased a unoa l-bi face plate from me and was very pleasant to deal with - a great transaction ^^
    4. I purchased a Doona Soah body, extra hands, wig, animal faceplates and costumes for Doona Soah and Doona Ryung and it all arrived super fast and in perfect condition!

      Thanks Michelle!
    5. MichelleP bought doll eyes from me. Great communications. A pleasure to do business with.
    6. MichelleP bought a pair of Unoa cat ears, she was very pleasant to deal with, she paid quickly and kept me informed when she received them.
      perfect transaction!!:D
    7. Another great transaction with MichelleP as the buyer. Great communications. Always a pleasure to do business with.
    8. Michelle Commissioned 3 faceups from me and was a complete pleasure to work with. Communication was friendly and FUN! She let me know once the faces arrived back.

      100% top notch person.

      Thanks Michelle :)

    9. I bought a Narae from MichelleP, and she's nice to deal with. The price was good, the doll was well packed and communication was always friendly and helpful. She did take a while to send the doll but included a gift as way of apology.

      Thanks for my Narae ^^
    10. I've purchased eyes from Michelle. She is a pleasure to deal with and the shipping was fast!! Michelle is also a wonderful enabler!!!:aheartbea
    11. michellep: purchased a Beautiful Narae from me, I found her to be a Joy to deal with, great communication, and friendly emails, would be happy to deal with again :)
    12. bad feedback. ignored all my PM's when it came to the time to pay for what she had bought from me. I PM'ed her four times after she ignored me and she was on the forum almost everyday after she had agreed to buy from me.

      Very annoyed.
    13. michelle bought a Modded Unoa with faceup from me. she was great to work with. good communication fast payment. would deal with her again :)
    14. Michelle participated in my MNM Claudia Go. Fast payment, great participant. I could not have asked for a better person to join my go. Thanks so much.
    15. MichelleP was a wonderful buyer, she kept in communication and let me know as soon as she received the Johnny Depp minimee head I sold her. Great transaction, thanks!
    16. Purchased Unoa hands from MichelleP - no problems at all, hands brand new in pkg and well packed. MichelleP is a sweetie to deal with.
    17. Here's the story of my transaction with MichelleP:
      On Jan 17th 2010 she posted a Soom Uyoo Elf "Glory of Love" fullset to the Marketplace, asking $300. I PM'd her, confirmed that the doll was still available and asked if I could pay in two installments, one at the end of January and one in mid-February. I also asked (it seemed too good to be true!) if the set was complete, and she specifically replied "Yes, full set, wig, clothing, boots, etc." She had no problem with my payment schedule and said she'd keep in touch.
      I PayPal'd the first payment on Jan. 22nd and the second on Feb. 14th, both times PM'ing her to ask for confirmation that the money had arrived and both times having to message multiple times before getting a reply. I finally got a PM from her on 2/24, asking for my street address as UPS can't deliver to a PO box. I sent her my address on the 25th and she promptly replied that the doll would go out that same day.
      When I had not rec'd the doll by March 3rd, I PM'd her asking for the UPS tracking number. I also got her email address from the PayPal invoice and asked the same question thru email. No reply to either one. On Wednesday 10th I PM'd her again and also posted my worries to her feedback thread--this post and several others resulted in her being Paged.
      On the evening of the 11th, my Uyoo arrived. We checked her tracking number--which Michelle had never sent to me--and found she had been mailed on March 5th. The doll is in excellent condition, but the outfit included with her doesn't seem to be the "Glory of Love" fullset at all (unless the final version differed markedly from the prototype pix on Soom's website), and it's missing the boots--which she'd explicitly said would be included--headpiece/tiara, staff, and one leg piece. in addition, the wig included is different from the one shown in the photos.
      I'm glad that the doll arrived safely, but I'm not at all satisfied with this transaction. Michelle was very slow to reply to reasonable inquiries and made no mention of missing items, even though I had asked her that exact question at the time of purchase. I would certainly not ever deal with her again.
    18. Michelle bought an unoa wink face plate from me with face=up. She is a wonderful person, very nice to deal with. I would buy or sell to her any time.
      Have fun with your new face!!
    19. Michelle P bought some 12mm Gumdrop eyes from me and was quick to pay and nice to deal with, thanks!