Limited Items [Migidoll] - A launch of new love type "Yuno & Mia" [Sweet children]

Mar 6, 2017

    1. ** A launch of new love type "Yuno & Mia"[Sweet children]

      Migidoll launch "Limited Yuno & Mia [Sweet children]" of new love type doll. The quantity of products is 20set including domestic and overseas. (Yuno 10set, Mia 10set)

      In commemoration of Limited "Yuno & Mia [Sweet children]" release, all the purchaser of "Yuno & Mia [Sweet children]" will get a point of 10% of order amount, the newly released fist hands & point hands are free.
      (Skin color are option.)

      Thank you for your interesting, in advance.

      * Selling date : at 10 am on March 6, 2017 (Korean local time)

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