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Migidoll Body...input?

Feb 27, 2010

    1. What is this body like? Does anyone have it yet or have any opinions on it?

      Does it pose nicely?

      How is the resin quality?

      Thank you in advanced and sorry if this is the wrong forum. >< I did a search and only found the Migi thread.
    2. The Migidoll body hasn't been sent to customers yet. ^^; It's still on production and the site is still taking orders. Nobody has recieved it.
    3. just bumping this up 'cause I saw the body on the website... anyone got it yet? or is it still in production?
    4. The first dolls with this body will ship, according to Migi, on March 25.
    5. Bump for this, because owners have received their dolls! :)
    6. Hey there ^_^

      Okay here are my thoughts about the body~

      It is actually a pleasure to pose, but the string that they were sent with was way too thin to be the string for the body. So I replaced the bodies with Luts SSDF/SDF/Delf string which has a much thicker gauge and they pose much better. I also had to suede them ^^; But once they were sueded etc. they behaved a lot more nicely~~

      Another note is that they have very very large seam lines, so I recommend sanding them a bit (I still need to do that T_T)

      Anywhoo~~ maybe after the crowds from the big pride weekend go down, I'll drop by the store so you can play with him a little ^_^ (maybe PM me with days you aren't at the store :sweat)
    7. I also replaced the string with a heavier guage string and it made a huge difference. Think I'm going to suede the shoulder and knee joints. The elbow and knee joints are nicely constructed I think. The torso joint wants a step at the back to hold the upper torso forward. The overall form of the body is, well, I don't know, kind of girly/childish - narrow in the shoulders, wide in the hips, not so slender in the legs, more curvy than angular. I had the body blushed, and the definition improved the look, at least to my taste. Anyway, I'm going to hang with this body for awhile and see if it grows on me.
    8. Bump for more information~
    9. [thread=369937]This picture request thread[/thread] might be of use to you. :)