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Migidoll boys Ryeong and Cho

Sep 30, 2009

    1. First picture was posted in new thread, I'm putting it here for people as well ;)
    2. He looks younger.....I'M SAFE!!! :aheartbea
    3. Hmm, at this angle it's hard to tell if I really like him or not. Not that it matters. If I do order from Migi, I'll only be getting a Jina, since I've wanted her for sooo long. Though if the other new sculpt (not the Miho as I don't really like closed eyed versions of him) is really cute, I may just have to put it on my wishlist....
    4. GREAT. I want him U_________U
    5. He's cute, but too girly~ >_> And I don't buy girls...
    6. No updates for the next new head yet :( dont tease us migi!
    7. They are all amazing, Migi is really talented. *___*
      I don't need a second Miho but I adore the sleeping one. <3
      I hope we will see Cho with make-up soon!
    8. Does anyone have pics of the new boys (mostly of Cho >.> ) that are not hosted on Migi's site? *puppy eyes*
    9. Do you have trouble logging into Migi's website? :o I can help... Wait and I'll go look for the pictures... :aheartbea

      Here you go, Hiritai-san...


    10. i am officially doomed! I love cho! I'm thinking Ryu crossed with a Supia Rosy! Yum!
    11. Those new pictures of Ryeong are beautiful! And Cho is adorable as well, I love his cuteness! Hopefully some birthday monies will come in early so I can order Ryeong. :aheartbea
    12. I'm dying to see cho with a face-up and eyes! D:
      Migidoll you have doomed me again. At this rate I'll never have the money for their bodies!
    13. Can someone with good photoshop skills do a face-up on Cho? I can't wait to see the face-upped version, I'm so curious how he'll look like *_* Bonus points for a cynical ryu as well, i think I've only seen 1 on the board so far.
    14. I'm on it :lol:
    15. Thank you! This is very helpful! =D

      Thanks guys for the resin matching help. I think I might stick to lati ns. :)
    16. Frozen wings - Epic, thank you! It rattled my decision on a c.ryu so I'm back to being indecisive, gorgeous head :D.

      Anyone can do a c.ryu mock-up as well? I'm hotfooting between the two, it's driving me nuts *_*
    17. Frozen Wings > Great work! Gaaah he's so cute...