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Migidoll February Sale

Feb 10, 2010

    1. I didn't see this announced yet - it just arrived in my inbox. :whee:

      From Migidoll

    2. Pictures of the body are up! ^^
      I hope we will have more, especially some details of the hands and wrists. edit: and pics of how the shoulders move O_o
    3. Will face-up be included if we buy both head and body or is face-up at a different cost?

      Thank you,
    4. Migidoll doesn't offer make-up service. Migi sometimes sells unique painted heads on ebay but that's all, sorry.
    5. There are some posing pictures here.
    6. Taken from the first post:

      So that means all the heads aside from Neo and Miu (I'm not sure about the tan skintone). They are marked sold out now, because the sale only starts on the 22nd.
    7. Sale is open :D
    8. Can someone please clarify the ordering process for us first-time Migi?
      Though a registered memeber i have not yet placed an order & think many of us still need to know the process.
    9. Sorry to bother, but does anyone know when the next ordering period will be? Thank you!!
    10. It hasn't been announced yet. Keep checking migidoll.com or post to her Q&A section.
    11. Hey folks, I'm wondering if dolls were actually shipped on the 25th and if anyone has recieved notification of a second shipment. I was a pretty early orderer and impatient, of course!
    12. As far as I know, nobody has received any shipping notification. Migi said she was being delayed until like..yesterday, the 29th. =/ I"m not sure WHEN she's going to be shipping... But I'm anxious to get my heads in ;;