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Migidoll Feedback (2008)

Jun 12, 2008

    1. I think a few photos best describe my feelings about Migidoll's shipping. These are the photos of the box I received today.


      There is a sticker on the box that it arrived in the US like this.


      Due to the crushing of the box, the end is gaping open.


      The only packing inside the box, except for a layer of bubble wrap around the head. The container is made of thin plastic, the kind I've received for doll wigs.

      Yes I left a message on Migidoll's board. To me this is totally unacceptable. It is a miracle the head was not broken.
    2. I received the same box. Maybe not ideal considering the container moved about. But the head inside is protected with cap, bubble wrap and those pink shredded paper, so... pretty safe.

      The fact that the box is all broken up is not MD's fault.
    3. I think what needs to be pointed out here is the fact that migi used an oversized box, without filling up the spaces with packing materials. This makes the box more vulnerable to impacts. That box is probably ideal for two heads, not one.

      Saaya-chan partially is right, the broken up box is not entirely migi's fault, but it could have been avoided, possibly, if she had used a smaller box (so there's no weak empty spaces) or added packing nuts, shredded paper or bubblewraps in the space.
    4. I've received shipments from Migi before and there was additional padding material (and candy) in the box, along with the bubblewrapped head box, so this is new and unusual. I am getting heads from her this week, although mine will be two heads, so I can see if there is added padding in the box.

      Probably reporting it on her Q&A is a good idea. It may be that she does not pack her own boxes (or not anymore) and whoever is doing it didn't realize the problems here.
    5. OK, I got my Migidoll box today - it was the same size box as yours. Since I bought two heads, the two little cartons did fill up the box so it wasn't as in danger of crushing, but some extra padding on the outside of the head capsules probably would have been good, and there wasn't any.

      I saw that the EMS was marked "Cherish (Migidoll)". Is Cherishdoll helping Migi with her shipping now? Cherish's own stuff is pretty well padded, I believe - I just got some tinys from them a couple months ago and didn' t notice anything amiss.
    6. my migi came in the exact same box as you, I was a bit worried as the contents were sliding around as I took it home from the post office,and although the box was in pristine condition the plastic container top had come off on mine too! (Before I opened it I thought perhaps there would just be the head rolling around in the box! Thankfully it was only a one day trip from Korea to my house, but if the box had been crushed at all the head could've easily been damaged.

      I'm glad your migidoll ended up safe.
    7. I've ordered from Migi 3 times and it never arrived like that. My speculation is that it must've gotten crushed after she posted it, which means its the korea post office at fault. I seriously doubt she'll let the box go looking like that, or anyone who packs it for that matter.

      I do agree the box would need more packing although even without it, its still safe enough if secure. The head is well nestled and coccooned in a face mask, bubble wrap, nesting paper and the plastic container. Would be better if the container was hard cardboard though.