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Migidoll General Discussion, Pt. 4

Jun 1, 2015

    1. [MENTION=50874]Vividstar[/MENTION]
      Okie doke, so yours looks like some of my own A types. Which blushed can match a souldoll body for example. Now [MENTION=65183]Sabrian[/MENTION] you also sent me your piccie,, which also looks pinkish, very similar to my souldoll vito NS, which is a wee bit pinker. So, I am thinking souldoll can be a good match, if anyone likes those bodies. I have yet t find fault on them, I got 2, a really old one first release, then the souldoll double, and now I am thinkin I will buy the new double :)
    2. I like the look of the old double body. I might get that for my Cho, then. Doll Leaves matches really well but I don't like their sd bodies. I'm keeping that Doll Factory body in mind though, I think their white might work really well. It will probably be a while before I order anything tho xD

      Edit: I have a souldoll zenith, it's a very handsomely sculpted body. The neck is really thick tho and I think it's the same for the new double. I can check if the head fits if you want!

      It's looking very overcast today, I hope it will be that way this afternoon. I feel like taking some pictures of my Miho since I got all these new migi boys I can't do anything with yet!
    3. ACK Why do I ever look at Migidoll?! I need Elf Owen like burning....He's so perfect....

    4. Actually, I bought the new double yesterday with the sale together with a friend who wanted a head that will be discontinued >_< I think the zenith may be a tad too thick for the migi, but tbh I don't usually boy bodies taller than 65cm, because of practicality XD .... NOW the wait increases to more pain, still waiting on shipping notice from migidoll and now also add the souldoll LOL
    5. Oh good luck! I just saw their measurements were the same for the neck circumference. I think the new double is just a shorter version of zenith. That's what it looks like, anyway.
    6. Oh man, Siho is amazing! He's got a very "Korean pop star" vibe to him that I really like, but I'm biased XD I'm not in the market for any new dolls right now, but if I were... *_*
    7. Yes :D, is pretty much the small version XD! Problem is I am still waiting for a bloody shipping date :/ nothing yet from migidoll, except what the order tracking system their website has :<
    8. Elf Owen is so so so gorgeous, imagine him in a caramel tan sort of colour! ♥
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    9. Vapaskeu > Elf Owen is gorgeous. :) I don't know why they made him look so tan in his photos though... (aka why don't they actually sell him in tan, haha.)

      ashooree > And your Yujin looks great! Love how you've posed him. Is he the new release or the older one?
    10. Thank you! He's the new release, and the only SD of my collection so far. He towers over the rest of my crew. :lol: It's taken me a bit to get used to this size (I have him on the 62cm guy body, which I know is on the smaller side of SDs), but I've come to really appreciate it!
    11. ashooree > I personally like shorter SDs too. They're much easier to handle. :)

      Also, here's a photo of my (other) Miho
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    12. This is one of my putty tats, my migidoll Mu. I am still very very worried/stressed about migidoll not sending any shipping news yet, BUT I am usually always stressy as well ;_;

      [​IMG]..... by MVA...MRS DWSCL Mortuus, on Flickr
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    13. cian, agreed! Maybe someday I'll be more adventurous and go larger, but I just don't have the space right now. Your Miho is amazing! I love his eyes, they're perfect for him. :love

      Oh wow, Mishita, your Mu is fantastic- love the pose, the background, the way he looks like he could step right out of a dystopian society...awesome. Sorry to hear about the shipping worries, though. :(
    14. Anybody have a good guide for clothes on the BNB 16th body (64cm)? I have a closet full of nine9style SD13 and SD17 clothes. The SD13 bottoms fit but limits movement (can't even get him to sit!) and the SD17 is too baggy in both tops and bottoms.
    15. Everyone's dolls look great! [MENTION=36166]cian[/MENTION], I particularly like your Miho! :aheartbea

      I see some people talking about hybrids with Souldoll bodies, and I can say the resin match between NS-A and Souldoll NS is pretty good, but not perfect. I have my Jean on a Souldoll Zenith girl body, and I really like it a lot. Not a big fan of the hand set it came with (I bought it secondhand and didn't have a choice) but other than that, it's a really super body. I've never had any problems with any of the Souldoll bodies I've got.

      Here is Scarlett (Jean)

      The Incomparable Scarlett Collins - 1/9 by Sapphire, on Flickr
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    16. I love all the fantastic little resin people. Migidolls are beautiful. I'm super excited cuz I just ordered the elf ear Owen head. I also got one of each of the smaller boy heads. Sun and Mir, so I qualified for the sleeping Jina. Not sure what I'm going to do with that one... I also finished paying off the dollzone body for my Ryu. Hopefully it makes it home with enough time for me to do the face-up before I have to pack up my studio to move. I have his wig and eyes already. And his boots lol. But I don't have any clothes made for him D:
    17. SapphireStargazer > Thank you! :D

      OkamiKodomo > Ohh, you got the elf Owen! He looks really good haha. And sounds like you will have more Migis to come, especially with your Ryu getting a body :) And he can sit around topless, haha ;)

      Also, I wonder if I'm the only person who's not as impressed by Migi's sleeping sculpts compared to their open eyed sculpts. ...>_< Their dreaming sculpts though, that's a different thing. I love those.
    18. Indeed! Though I did get a bunch of fabrics to make him some button-down shirts, and little vests. There will probably be more than a few photoshoots of him with his boyfriend that have a lack of clothing. Werewolves... what can I say? :lol:

      With the order that we just placed, and now the Yujin I just snagged off the market, we're up to eleven Migidolls. Two Ryus, a Fairy Jina, two Ells (one sleeping, one vampire), Mu, Cho, Yujin, Sun and Mir, and the Elf Owen. Not sure if I should count the sleeping Jina, because that one probably won't stay, because Myrretah's Fairy Jina, Vail, insists on being the only Jina in the household. All of them are hybrids, though. Jaide will get the dollzone body that is on the way, and the other Ryu, Sslvyr, will probably get one of the doll chateau bodies. Vail has an old doll family body. The Mu, Ferri, will be getting the old Souldoll Double body. The sleeping Ell, Dietric, has a Senior Delf body, and the vampire Ell, Kennedy, will get a Doll Legend 60cm body. The rest.... still a bit up in the air. (well, the little ones either have a body waiting, or have one picked out, but they are OT for this thread)

      With a lot of companies, especially ones that have more anime-inspired faces, like Fairyland, I prefer the sleeping or dreaming sculpts because I can decide how big I want the eyes without having to worry about covering up epoxy. But with Migidoll, I like their open eye sculpts best, because their faces are so well proportioned.