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Migidoll Half Eyes Ryu and Yujin (June)

May 23, 2009

    1. Just got this in my inbox from Migidoll, wasn't sure what to prefix it as:

      tl;dr: from what I gather, there's going to be a Ryu and Yujin with eyes partially closed, but not like the vampire head molds. The order period is from June 15th to June 28th. Yuri, Owen, Jina and Vampire Miho can be ordered during that time.

      At first, no faceup picture will be provided for the new head type, but one will be added later. The prices will update with the pictures.
    2. As stated in the email, the photos of the blank head will be added soon, and a faceupped version later, as Migi is having difficulty with the faceups.
    3. Doll heads are up for sale now, except the two "cynical" ones that have no photos yet. :)
    4. So is the 120 for the Vamp Miho with face up or without? I'm not quite understanding that..

      And how does one order? Email?
    5. I think they are without face-up, as that is how it's usually done.

      As I understand it you register and then post your order request in the Q&A board.
    6. No face up. GO works best. Otherwise I think it's the message board you need to order from.
    7. Pics of Cynical Yujin with face-up are up.
      He's totally gorgeous :D