Event [Migidoll] - Halloween Event!!

Sep 12, 2016

    1. ** Halloween Event!!

      To celebrate Halloween, sell Vampire Head (Yujin, Ell) parts.

      Only one week will receive your order because, until Halloween to complete the delivery.

      Week of October 10 will be shipped all.

      However, until delivery of the Halloween can only be blank make-up head. If you choose to make-up will be sent in mid-November. Please note the benefits.

      It can also be purchased separately, but the Vampire head (Yujin & Ell) product set has an opportunity to purchase at $ 200.

      Finally, the future of this sale will be sold only as a set. This selling the last, the future will be sold only in sets. This is your last chance to purchase only the head parts. Please do not miss this opportunity .

      Vampire Head(Yujin & Ell) set - $200
      (It will be sold only for the during the event.)

      Event date : 10 am on September. 12, 2016 ~ 6 pm on September. 19, 2016 (Korean local time)


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