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Migidoll Heads: Yuri and Owen

Jan 31, 2009

    1. I want Owen so iffing much!!!! :D I really think he looks like Yujin and Miho exploded to form a manly hybrid :aheartbea:.
    2. This thread should probably be in "Larger Dolls". "News/Event" chat is usually just for talking about events or contests (see the other threads for examples)
    3. Owen = want. Wantwantwant!
      I've never ordered from Migi before. Does one just post on her board when the order period is available and list what they want?
    4. I will have an Owen. I can't not have that head. It's gorgeous.
    5. Migidoll knows how to make good-looking dollies~ <3
    6. For some reason...he reminds me of a Volks Amelia, even though they definitely don't look the same. ~
    7. He reminds me of a Narin Charisma, who I've coveted for so long. I dunno, maybe they both just have the same vibe to me so he may be a replacement for a NC for me >_<
    8. I love Owen's eyes and face shape, but I'm not sure about the mouth... granted I thought the same thing about Jina and I have seen some lovely Jinas that have changed my mind. I definitely look forward to seeing Yuri.
    9. Man, if he would fit on a larger body, he'd fit one of my characters perfectly.
    10. Owen is one of my characters. x.x I must have him.
    11. Yes, I desire!
    12. Oh, normally I'm not such a fan of the 'sad' looking faces, but Owen is really something else! xD I'll definitely be adding him to my wishlist!

    13. Yup i'm really loving the Owen head too! Absolutely precious :D I used to have a Miho (my mum has him now lol) and Migidoll heads have gotto be some of the most attractive ones out there, and a pleasure to face-up. I shall have to think long and hard about this, but I could definately see him fitting in with my family *blush*
    14. Owen is amazing! I really hope they release a tan skin in the future.
    15. Another masterpiece. He's wonderful. Migi, you roxx!! ^^
    16. Wouw, he's very amazing.I love the picture , owen 2 .
      I must have him, too!
    17. I like Owen, but he's so similar to Miho and Yujin, both of which I already have...I don't know if I'll get him. I'm eager to see pictures of Yuri, though!
    18. Does anybody know how many times a year Migidoll sells their sculpts? I don't know if I can get one this order period...
    19. Oooh, I'm *really* liking the look of Owen right now. I'm thinking, if he ever gets released in tan skin, I'm a doomed, doomed person... :sweat
      Can't wait for pictures of Yuri either!