New Doll Migidoll in Europe ! [DollSquare - UK]

Apr 3, 2016

    1. Hello Dear Friends !

      With the pleasure we would like inform You :
      MIGIDOLL is available now on the DollSquare !

      Please visit here: Migi

      You can buy dolls from 'M-SERIES'. For few days will be available the rest of dolls/accessories/parts form Migi and as We spoke before: CROBIDOLL <3 !!

      Please remember about the last days of IOS GREAT EVENT& our event with shipping.

      If You have any question, please feel free to ask Us. We will be very happy If we will be able to help You.

      DollSquare site

      And please visit here: PREorders time

      Have a nice day !
      - DollSquare.
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