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Migidoll Jina - wig size please

Mar 14, 2009

    1. Can anyone tell me the wig size of Migidoll Jina?

      It will help me a lot.. Thank you so much!
    2. 8-9 inch

      or atleast thats the size I have, and they fit perfectly (DollGa heat resisting for the record)
    3. Thank you so much!^^
    4. I'd also like to know her eye size for anyone who might know? D:
    5. bread17 no worries, its a beautiful sculpt :)

      14mm work best IMHO, I'm usuing 14mm glass and they fit nicely, no gaps :)

      12mm leave a bit of a gap (maybe sillicone eyes would work kn 12/13mm?), 16mm might work but I don't have any