Migidoll May Sale Coming Soon!

May 3, 2008

    1. (This is a direct cut'n'paste from the email I've just received... :) )


      I can not thank you enough for your great concern & support to my dolls.
      At last I have a plan to release Ryu, Miho, Miu, Tan Ryu, Tan Miho and new

      A new released head is for girls and its size is volks sd. also, it can be
      matched with volks sd13 body.
      Presently Makeup process is at work. No makeup photo will be opened on May 9
      and makeup photo will be updated after this work finish.

      *A price & details of New head(Jina) will be informed with opening of image.

      *A group order is also acceptable.

      *Order will be done during first and second times
      <first order>
      order time : I will take order from May/16 to Jun/20

      sale heads : Ryu & Miho & Miu head

      <second order>
      order time : I will take order from Jun/1 to Jun/20

      sale heads : Ryu & Miho suntend head, New haed(Jina)

      (*Suntanned Ryu and Miho are limited to 20pc so they can be run out of stock
      If some are, they will be sold till all gone.)

      payment date : At least, you have to pay until June 20 after order. If more
      time is needed, let me know the date.

      shipping date : From Jun/9, the goods will be shipped in order of payment not
      order at every Monday.

      From Apr/01, the goods will be shipped in order of payment not order.

      Ryu, Miho, New head(Jina) skin color is similar to latidoll, leekeworld &
      feak's woods but Miu skin color is similar to Volks pure.
      Also, Tan heads skin color is similar to Volks Tan color.

      *Please be noted I do not sale heads of Vampire Ryu & Miho

      *During this season sale, there is a special event; one wig to new head Jina
      Wig would be randomly one of free market products or other company products.
      So, don't ask me of questions like 'What kinds of wig? please show that
      picture' or 'Send a wig like this'. Please get a surprising present!

      Thank you. *^^*

    2. where can one find pictures of Jina, I searched the site as best I could and was unable to find any mention of Jina.

      http://www.migidoll.com/ Here is a link to their site.
    3. Migi said photos of her will be released on 9th May.
    4. You can join a group order or you can order from migidoll.com directly.

      Because there were a lot of questions about how to order from the site, a while back I posted step-by-step instructions here -- http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2991141&postcount=9

      Thanks for posting this update, talithax. I'm running a GO and I've been stalking her site but not seeing any updates :)
    5. The new girl I believe is same tone as new Ryu and Miho. However Miu(?) the MSD girl will be old skintone, I'm guessing they still have stock or something.
    6. I think a link to the website would be great to add ;)
    7. How much are these heads?

    8. &#8361; 105000 South Korean Won

      This is approximately (as I am writing this) in the three main currencies of the world:

      £51.64 GBP
      $100.91 USD
      &#8364;65.49 EURO

      Plus postage, which in my experience was about $25 to the UK via EMS, not sure about the rest of the world ^^;

      I used http://www.x-rates.com/calculator.html for this conversion.
    9. Last time, Vampire head was $135 inc Shipping to UK for one head. :)
    10. Pictures of Jina! Here and here.
      Thought it will be good to add the info in the news.
      How beautiful! Very pure face. She's like Miho's sister.
    11. The site says Miho and co. match Volks Pureskin, but that email says they match Lati... so which is it? Did they change skintones between the last sale and this one? *confused*
    12. Migidoll has recently switched her resins this list is the most recent and up to date:

      Ryu, Miho, New head(Jina) skin color is similar to latidoll, leekeworld &
      feak's woods but Miu skin color is similar to Volks pure.
      Also, Tan heads skin color is similar to Volks Tan color.
    13. Their site is down - did anyone get a pic of the new girl that they can post?
    14. Do we know if white skin heads will also be an option in this order, or only normal resin (and the limited tan run) available?
    15. Any news on the next order?
    16. I'm not sure if this is posted elsewhere, but it's interesting news! Particularly the part about there being two new kinds of heads... one of which will be MSD :o But no other news on the older molds that might be up for sale again.

      Honestly, I hope that Migi goes back to the old resin tones of 2007, it seems to match with more bodies :)

      From the migidoll site:

      Finally, every shipment is finished for a long time.
      Some get early, others wait so long. Thank again for waiting so long.
      Next sale is scheduled in the end of September or early October.
      We thought an accurate plan would be notified in August, but the raining season and the holiday season of Korea falls on now, so an every working process is postponed.
      For this reason, an accurate schedule notice will be in September.
      Next sale adds two new kinds of heads - a SD13 boy head and a MSD boy head.
      We don't decide which former heads will be sold.
      A definite sale plan with opening of images will be in September.

      Thank you for your interesting!!!!!!!!!!