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Migidoll Miho Eye and Wig Sizes

May 28, 2008

    1. I've ordened my Miho head recently, and I was going to buy something for my boy:)
      I was wondering which eye&wig size does it wear...
      Thank you very much :)
    2. Bump for it!
      Which eyes&wig size fits better )
    3. Thanks a lot!
    4. On the topic of eyes, I was wondering if it would be better to have 16mm or 14mm.. or do these eyes look the same once placed in migidoll? :D:aheartbea

      congratulations on getting miho. ^_^
    5. Thank you!! :D
    6. I prefer 14mm on my boy. 16mm is a bit too big.
    7. What about the wig??:) Does he wear a SD size or a DOD size?
    8. I also prefer 14mm eyes and I've seen very beautiful ones wearing 12mm too.
      About the wigs as said before he wears SD size (8-9").
    9. Sorry to bump a dead topic but is everyone totally sure it's an 8-9 wig?

      It says on the site 9-10 and I don't want to get the wrong size -_-
    10. actually 8-9 fits miho better than 9~10, all my 9~10 wig is too loose on him ^^
    11. My 9-10 wig looks really big on my Miho; which stinks because I spent forever cutting it to fit the character when he was still an El. XD
    12. My Miho can even fit some of my (rather elastic) 7-8 wigs.
      In this pic he wears a 7-8 Monique Gold wig for instance.

    13. does anyone else have an example of Miho in a 7-8 wig? Or can anyone tell me how "stretchy" Dollmore 7-8 wigs are?
    14. my girl miho wears 8-9 wig and 14mm eyes. <3
    15. E.Hadrian, all I can tell you is that he easily fits in all of my Coolcat 7-8 wigs as well. Unfortunately I don't own any dollmore wigs, so can't tell you anything about them.
    16. I use the 14mm eyes and the 8-9 wigs~~Fits well~~
    17. Sharkyra, thank you - that's good to know since the one I want, for some reason, looks better in the 7-8 size than in the 8-9 size (and is cheaper..)
    18. Just a little photo ref, Miho in 7-8 Coolcat, if anyone cares to see

      I guess his head size is about 8, as such I prefer the smaller wigs for him. It's a tight fit, but the wig won't slip off his head which is fantastic :)
    19. So a size 8 wig works well? I have a vampire Miho and am trying to find a wig for him. All I know is that Chiaro's wigs don't fit him.

      Also would you guys suggest 12cm for him? I have 14cm and I love them, but I am worried that they may be to big. I just need to stick them in to tell.:sweat