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Migidoll Miho!

Oct 1, 2007

    1. Teaser picture is up on http://www.migidoll.com (thanks Ophiomancer!)

      I thought this fellow deserved his own thread...he's pretty smoldering all right! :D

    2. Oooops I already did my squeeeeing in the order thread.....

      -insert he's so lovely comments and squeeeing here-

    3. I think I'm in trouble again *palmface*
    4. *blinks*....

      Right, I'm glad I waited to order mah Ryu :D
    5. Migi sure is doing a good job of using a Ryu resale to build the publicity for Miho...and now I bet she will sell lots of Mihos too.
    6. oh no no no....tricky! I hope to see a few more shots before I make my final final decision ;_;

      Cor, her face-ups are devine :love
    7. From the teaser, he reminds me of a grown-up Serendipity Valencia.
    8. Gorgeous! hes got quite a cute face :B, can't wait to see more pics of him >__<!!

      agreed, i adore Migi's face ups!!
    9. I'm definitely glad that I waited for the second wave of the group order, because I'm going to get both Ryu and Miho for sure now. The only thing left to mull over is skin tone :)

      He really does have a wonderfully intense stare in that teaser image. I think that he'll be quite versatile as well. I know that I already have half a dozen character ideas for the sculpt, and that's only based on one picture!
    10. Where is Miho on the site? I can't find the picture...
    11. He's on the main page, after you click the splash.
    12. For the curious...


    13. Oh my, he's gorgeous. :O And that faceup is wonderful too. This does make things a bit more complicated... ^^;
    14. HMMMMMMM. HMMMMMM. Says my bank account. He'd certainly look nice with Hayden. HMMMMMM indeedly.

      He's like a grumpier, smaller nosed Ryu XD
    15. Aww! I think he looks like a younger brother to ryu! So cute :fangirl:
      mmm... GRUMPY BROTHER
    16. How much will he be? I think I finally found my dream doll!

      It's like my prayers have been answered with that smaller nose! I adores it so!
    17. We don't know how much he is yet, but it seems likely he'll be priced similarly to Ryu, whose head is similar size.
      Ryu is 114 USD plus shipping, which for one head outside a group order has been running about 21-23 USD depending on where you are. So the total cost for one Ryu head outside a group order has been running about 135 or 137 dollars usually.
    18. Aw man! I said I can't afford him and Ryu. Now I want both. My bank account is saying "Noooooo!" - everything else is saying "YESSSSSSS!!"

      Decisions, decisions :roll:
    19. Hehe, I'm with you on that one, Lillie - between Migidoll and the K-Doll pre-order my finances are looking pretty dire >_>
    20. Nooo, don't say the G word! Me like grumpy ones; I'm glad we waited for the group order too; now I just need to decide how badly I want him. :D