New Doll [Migidoll] "Mini CHLOE" released.

Jul 28, 2020

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      Hello, I'm Migidoll.

      The round-faced cute Cute43 "Mini Chloe" will be sold for a limited period from July 28 to August 7.
      This time, we also prepared the lovely limited dress "Ribbon Mignon" by [no.13 from dallyau], and two limited makeup and limited wigs to amplify the loveliness.

      When you order the head or whole doll, you can order with choose between the pink and sky blue colors of "Ribbon Mignon" and you can also order up to two limited wigs.
      The first anti-replication plate is also fitted to the Cute43 line. (It will be renewed sequentially so that each head can be equipped with an anti-replication plate.)

      Pre-order period : July 28, 2020 (8 p.m.)~ August 7 (6 p.m.) / Based on Korean time

      Preorders : Cute43 Mini Chloe head or Whole doll

      Pre-sale Option
      - Skin : Mergingue Beige(Normal) or Sugar White(White)
      - Limited Makeup
      - Limited wig1 : Chloe limited wig - Lovely Blond or Milk Tea
      - Limited wig2 : Migi Petit Roll wig - Lovely Blond or Milk Tea
      - Limited Dress : [Ribbon Mignon] - pink or sky blue
      - Basic Boots: White or Brown

      * Defult glass eyes is given as color random when purchasing the whole doll (except when purchasing the head only).
      * We have prepared 2 colors for each type of wig, and as an option, you need to select the wig you want to order and enter the color you want in the customer request box.
      * Chloe limited wig ribbon will be replaced later. Once the fabric is decided, we will update the ribbon picture later.

      Let me ask of your attention.

      Thank you.
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