New Doll [Migidoll] - New Style type doll "Cynical Siho" release event!!

Jan 12, 2017

    1. * New Style type doll [Cynical Siho] release event!!

      Migidoll will release Cynical Siho with plentiful events.
      First, Cynical Siho head & set 20% off during event.
      Second, Cynical Siho head & set 10% point of purchase amount will be saved.
      Third, please make an affectionate reivew after buying our Cynical Siho head & set. You will get 20 points additionally.

      Hope your great interest.

      Sale: 10 am on January. 13, 2017 ~ 6 pm on January. 31, 2017 (Korean local time)


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