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Migidoll Noel

Jun 15, 2010

    1. I don't think I've seen this posted yet, so... here I go!

      Looks like Migi has a new head coming up.


      noel은 ‘슬픈 남창’이라는 컨셉으로 만들어진 인형입니다.
      우울한 이야기일 수도 있지만 전시회 작품의 내용이 점점 온라인 세상에 갖혀 고독해져가는 현대인이 늘어가고 있다 라는 것입니다. 그리고 나 역시 고독해져가는 현대인이 아닐까 하는 생각에 만들게된 인형입니다.
      전시회 작품의 내용을 자세히 설명하지 못해 죄송하지만 결론을 말하자면 자신의 처지를 비관하고 있기 때문에 몹시 우울해 하는 아름다운 남성의 얼굴을 표현하고자 노력했습니다.

      Noel was made with its concept, sad whore guy.
      It might sound a bit sad, but the exhibition's, message was something like, modern people are increasingly feeling loneliness in the world which continually goes on line.
      I made this doll by seeing myself getting one of the modern lonely people.
      It's a shame that I can not talk more about the message of the exhibition, but anyway, I focused a lot to create man's beautiful face with his sadness in thinking of his sad life.


      More pictures at Migi's site: http://migidoll.com/
    2. 男娼 = danshou = male whore ^^;
    3. The "male whore" issue isn't being played for laughs, so please have some class.

      If you wish to discuss Migi Noel, please start a discussion thread in Larger Dolls. Thank you!
    4. Discussion thread here.
    5. It's finally posted! :D From the Migidoll website:

    6. Update from Migi's newsletter!

      The period of order**

      *Term : June/28 ~ July/5

      *Products on sale: :Ryu, Miho, Jina, Yuri, Cho, Cyincal.Ryu, Vampire.Miho, Cyincal.Yujin, Sleeping.Miho, Noel, limited Noel. 63cm body.

      *The period of payment : after placing order, please make the payment till July/10, but if you want to delay it please let us know the time in advance.

      *Delivery : Shipping is currently planned to start on the 3rd week of July.
      Shipping order will be depending on payment order, but this may not always the case, like when a head become defective and have to make again, or some kind of head made earlier than expected.

      *Pre-advice to group orderer.
      The delivery of group order can be delayed if a few products are lack though others are ready.We will try to send the goods as per order of payment but please kindly keep in mind when you place group order.
      Also, In case of group orders for many bodies, they can be put into a several boxes. There is no additional charge on customer in that case.

      Thank you and have a nice day~

      migi. *^^*
    7. Are the prices listed on their site?
    8. ^ yes... still the same...

      Guy body - 350usd + shipping fee
      SD heads + guy body - 450usd + shipping fee

      Sleeping Miho - 120usd + shipping fee.
      Ryeong - 120usd + shipping fee.
      Cho - 120usd + shipping fee.
      Owen - 120usd + shipping fee.
      Yuri - 120usd + shipping fee.
      Miho _ 120usd + shipping fee.
      Ryu - 120usd + shipping fee.
      Jina - 120usd + shipping fee.
      Cynical Yujin - 120usd + shipping fee.
      Cynical Ryu - 120usd + shipping fee.
      Vamp Miho - 120usd + shipping fee
    9. Is it just me, or is the Migidoll website down for everyone else as well?
    10. It's down again due to too much traffic! Gotta wait until tomorrow morning again!
    11. traffic's alright now, the site's back up! (for now anyway>>)
    12. SO this does mean that the body is for order and sale?? I read this with hope but with no GOs up or any such to indicate and order period I am very confused.
    13. Yep, the body is for sale also. :) I bought a body, one head back and two faceplates for $550 + shipping.

      The body is $350. You can get a head and body for $450 ($20 off the head). Heads are $120 (faceplate + head back). Faceplates are $100 without the head back. When calculating shipping costs, an additional faceplate costs the same as a full additional head.