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Migidoll Noel

Jun 16, 2010

    1. News Thread


      I like this guy so far, but couldn't find the additional pictures of him on the website. Can anyone paste a direct link? :)

      ETA: Migi's explanation of Noel from her homepage:

      New boy doll will be on sale this time with Migidoll.

      The name is Noel, which head had been once displayed in the dolls exhibition last year as the limited version. This time, as a regular sale.

      The limited version in the exhibition looks like crying with a bit of a frown, and also had a opened month with a hole.

      The regular version had its forehead changed with the same eyes, nose, and lips as the limited version. The forehead got flat. The mouth is opened, but more tight than the limited one.

      There had been no plan to sell the limited version. So many people, however, showed their great interest in it, and I decided to add it to the sale in June as a special event for Migidoll homepage renewal.

      Edit to add update from email sent June 22nd:
      The period of order**
      *Term : June/28 ~ July/5
      *Products on sale: :Ryu, Miho, Jina, Yuri, Cho, Cyincal.Ryu, Vampire.Miho, Cyincal.Yujin, Sleeping.Miho, Noel, limited Noel. 63cm body.
      *The period of payment : after placing order, please make the payment till July/10, but if you want to delay it please let us know the time in advance.
      *Delivery : Shipping is currently planned to start on the 3rd week of July.
      Shipping order will be depending on payment order, but this may not always the case, like when a head become defective and have to make again, or some kind of head made earlier than expected.
      *Pre-advice to group orderer.
      The delivery of group order can be delayed if a few products are lack though others are ready.We will try to send the goods as per order of payment but please kindly keep in mind when you place group order.
      Also, In case of group orders for many bodies, they can be put into a several boxes. There is no additional charge on customer in that case.
      Thank you and have a nice day~
      migi. *^^*
    2. This one is the only one I could find. I'm pretty sure it's Noel.
    3. Most of the workshop pictures are of him at the exhibition. I can't access the website at the moment, but if you go to Workshop>Dolls, the "whore guy" post is him, the one in the water (I don't remember what it is called), and the one with the grey clay mold are all him.

      Looks like he will have a head back and a face-plate system, which is awesome. I'm assuming that the face-plate system is so that she can release a dreaming form of him? This would be perfect because I like having the dreaming, cynical, and regular-eyed heads for one doll.
      I don't have any characters that could suit him, but he's so beautiful I'm going to have to get him anyways.
    4. Gah, looks like we temporarily broke the site... all I'm getting right now is a "traffic" page in red letters and a bunch of Korean. I couldn't find the other pictures either though DX
    5. Cool! I like having alternate faces as well, so this sounds great!
    6. Seems so :( I'm really curious to see him too! The description was so sad and lovely sounding. Exactly the kind of concept I can appreciate so I can't wait to get a look at this new boy!
    7. His story is really sad. If I do make a character to match his sculpt, it would probably follow the same concept. I think he might have a separate teeth part.

      By the way, the pictures in the workshop (when Migi's site is fixed and we can see them) show a different version of Noel than the one she will sell. The one she will sell has less sad-looking bunched up eyebrows. Everything else is the same, but the brow shape. The face-up pictures show the Noel that will go on sale around the end of June. He still looks pretty darn sad! D:
    8. The first thing I thought of when I read his description was the documentary The Great Happiness Space. I wonder to what exhibition Migi was referring?
    9. I really want to see him!! The website is not working for meee
    10. Migi is working now. He looks so sad! He has open mouth too T_T
    11. There will be a new preorder time at the end of June, I think we'll have more pics at this time because Noel will be sold with the others. ^^
    12. Argh! I hope he's not too much sadder, because, er, I want him to look a little sad...but he's just lovely, and I'm thrilled for the end of June to come quickly! :D

    13. Man, I was going to wait for him, but if one version of him is limited...
      I hope Migi will get a picture showing the differences between the limited version and the regular version. I sure hope I'll like the non-limited version better.
    14. Soooo, Noel will be released again right? just not the limited version ever again?
    15. Presumably, the regular (less sad) version of Noel will be available in later order periods. It's not very clear yet. I'm also not clear on whether the limited version will actually be for sale at all. It seemed to me that she was talking about the doll she made for the exhibition being the limited doll, and so many people liked him that she decided to make a new version for regular release. But the advent of the faceplate system may mean that he'll be released with more than one expression. *fingers crossed* :)
    16. I emailed her a while ago and this is what I got as a response. Hope it clears things up.

    17. So both versions will be available at some point. Yay!
    18. Sounds like it! I think the limited version is the one being sold in this upcoming ordering period. Maybe the regular version will be sold alongside it, or in a later ordering period.
    19. Oh im so glad!:D i really like the version that is displayed on the news thread. is that the limited version or the regular one? does anyone know?
    20. Does anyone know if releasing a new doll will mean restocking of their older ones as well?