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Migidoll October schedule-3 New heads and order period for existing sculpts

Sep 16, 2009

    1. Just noticed this in my inbox and I have not seen it posted already so thought I should share :)

    2. Is there a link to their site?
    3. The link to the site is here. :)
    4. Do they have pics of the new sculpts yet?
    5. Not yet, but soon probably.
    6. Something I'm not sure. Do you mean that there are only two kinds of skin color, volks normal and latidoll white? So "A" normal and "B" white are not available?
    7. I think it means that there won't be "matching" colors at all, anymore. It will be Migidoll's own normal and white (although these might match other companies by chance, they won't be made specifically to match them).

      *edit* I should clarify that this will be after this sale, which would have all of the options for skin colors (except tan). This is saying it's your last chance to get the A/B matching options before they start using their own color resin.
    8. Thank you mokarran. Yes I acctually meant the sale in October. But still I think it's not clarified as they wrote:
      So is it totally 2 skins (volks normal and latidoll white) or 4 (volks normal, volks white, latidoll normal and latidoll white)? I'm confused.*_*
    9. If they are using their own resin color, are they making their own bodies?? :? Or will from now on you just be lucky if you can find a body that will match??
    10. They said they are making their own bodies.

      And Konoshu it is four different tones as you said.
    11. Do they plan to post pictures for the bodies any time soon? I'm getting ready to buy a D.O.D. D.O.I. Luke version 2 at the beginning of October, but if the body for Migidolls look good, then I'll just wait and get a body with a Ryu head because a Ryu head is what I REALLY want.
    12. I think it will be a while, it says they are planning on releasing it early next year.
    13. Wait, two things:
      Simple first, was Ryu meant to be a girl? *_* I may have misread, but they said that Reong will be the boy version of Ryu? lol. Maybe that just means younger version. idk

      Second, does anyone know if they'll still be selling tanned Ryu? Will they be selling it this upcomming order period?

    14. Yeah, I saw that too. I dunno, I think Ryu could be a believable girl ;)

      They won't be selling the tanned heads in this order, it says due to personal reasons of the person who does the tan resin.
    15. are there pics of Reong yet? and is he an MSD size head?
    16. they don't match DoD in WS or NS from all I've heard (DoD is too pink), but if fairyland is like Luts, the NS matches okay. I have a lati matching head, and its a little bit lighter than the luts body, but is very easy to blush to match because otherwise, they're the same color. I don't know how Volks-matching goes with Luts though.
    17. Volks pureskin won't match with fairyland/Delfs, but I do know that Luts realskin is a perfect [or very very close] match with Volks pureskin.
    18. First picture of Ryeong head is up!