New Doll [Migidoll] Release of a new cute 43-Min

Nov 17, 2017

    1. The new Cute43-Min is released from migidoll in a long time.
      Min who wants to become an idol is a full-fledged boy with love of his dream.
      As a commemoration of the launch, we will hold a 10% discount event on the first day of sale.
      The 10% discount is for one day only, and is only available to customers who order from the Migidoll website (coupon redemptions apply).
      You can choose a wig, eyeballs, outfits, shoes on the picture from options.

      Sale Items: Cute43-Min Set
      Sales Period: 10 am on November. 22 ~ 6 pm on November. 28 (Korean local time)
      - (10% discount on November 22)

      Sale Items: Cute43-Min head
      Sales Period: 10 am on November. 29 ~ 6 pm on November. 30 (Korean local time)

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