Event [Migidoll] Release of unassembled kit of "M-Style Guy Body II".

Apr 12, 2016

    1. ** Release of unassembled kit of "M-Style Guy Body II".

      In order to decrease our customer's financial burden, we release "Unassembled kit of M-Style Guy Body II".

      As it is the first time, we will take order for 20 set only.

      During delivery this unassembled kit is likely to be damaged more than assembled one, we pay more attention to pack the goods safely.

      The manual for assembly, Elastic string for M-Style, Joint fix parts, S-rings & etc. will help you to assemble the dolls easily more.

      As our present for the first sale, we will give you the Forceps.

      Selling date : at 10 am on April 15, 2016 (Korean local time)

      * It will be out of stock early as we have only 20 sets.



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    2. What is the estimated cost?
    3. I't is $287.
      If you have any question, feel free contact us.
      Thank you!
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    4. What skin tones
    5. From what I can see on the site, looks like White Skin and Normal Skin

      I'm pretty excited for this! I want this body for my Jina boy <3 Thank you Migidoll!!
    6. Due to customer requests, tan skin is also possible.^^

      Thank you Alchemist's Fire!! <3
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    7. Can the chest part be bent forward (to slouch) or is it fixed?