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Migidoll - Shion

Dec 11, 2010

    1. I just checked the site and photos of the new head is up! He actually reminds me of a character I wasn't planning to put in doll form, must resist... Right now I think I'm still sticking to Cho as my next doll, but I may be swayed once I see Shion with a faceup. I think I'm going to keep stalking the site until she adds more photos. Exciting!
    2. Could someone please post the picture of the new head? (Or a link directly to it.) My iPad will not allow me to click on the sidebar on the Migidoll site. :|
    3. I cannot wait to see him with make-up! It always helps me out, but he's looking like he's going to be very gorgeous. <3
    4. I'm so happy to finally see a new Migi with a smirk. ;) Shion is definitely a must have, but then...most Migis are!
    5. Thank you! I'm working somewhere with only my iPad and its sketchy 3G internet... it makes new doll releases very frustrating!

      He is quite intriguing. It looks like he could be quite the cocky, confident character with the right face up.
    6. The new Shion head is so pretty, I really like the nose for some reason... Geez Migi, I want too many of your dolls! *sigh*
    7. ACK x_x i want him! and a Jina! lol, migi why do you do this to me!?
      he really is amazing i love that smirk
    8. Oh damn, here I was wondering whether I should trade my Miho for someone's Cho (since I'm beginning to think that sculpt matches my character better) but now she comes out with this? ;;n;;

      y u maek this so hard migi

      Definitely looking forward to seeing it faceup'd.
    9. Wow, i'm surprised yet excited to see that Migi based shion the new head on the character with the same name in 'Please save my earth'. It's a masterpeice of shoujo manga and a real classic. Knowing that it makes me warm to the head alot more then I did orginally.
    10. How cool! "Please Save My Earth" was such a great story! I hope someone decides to style him as Shion. :3
    11. ACK! Please Save My Earth is one of my favorite old series. I had to re-buy the manga once it was translated into english. Knowing Migi sculpted him based on that Shion makes me love this sculpt! I don't need him but it makes me feel nostalgic. Perhaps I'll find a reason to have him some day. ^__^ And I'd have to have him in tan to go with his PSME character.
    12. I love that slight smirk, but he's sold out on the Migidoll website (which I recently discovered)....:(
    13. Don't worry, all the Migi's will be back on sale on June 18 to celebrate the first year anniversary of the new website :)

      Per the announcement page.
    14. Thank you so much:)!